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​Impacts from dry pond construction

About 60% of the construction for the overall project was completed in 2020, including the Ermineskin Park dry pond and the sewer upgrades in both Ermineskin and Steinhauer.

The full benefits of the project will not be achieved until the Steinhauer Park dry pond, the remaining sewer upgrades (dry pond connections), and the storm system is fully operational in 2021.

Steinhauer Park dry pond

For the Steinhauer Park dry pond, one major road closure will be required at Location A (on 32A Avenue from 108 Street to 107A Street). This closure is expected to be from the end of June until early September.

The construction will require parking restrictions along 32A Avenue west of 108 Street for approximately 100 meters to allow for adequate visibility and turning of the construction equipment.

While school is in session, we kindly ask that parents find alternate parking for student drop off and pick up.

All sidewalks will be maintained during construction. Flag personnel will be onsite to assist pedestrians during construction activities.

No trees are expected to be removed as part of construction in the dry pond area in Steinhauer Park; however, there will be trees that need to be hoarded to protect them while construction activities are underway.

In order to connect the Steinhauer Park dry pond to the drainage system, there will be three locations that will require sewer upgrades. The locations and estimated timelines are:

Location A

32A Avenue from 108 Street to 107A Street - end of June to end of August

Location B

On 106 Street, north of 31 Avenue - mid-July to early August

Location C

On 31 Avenue east of 107 Street - late June to end of July

Please note: Timelines are estimates and may change based on weather and construction conditions.

Details regarding specific timelines, traffic impacts and access restrictions will be provided for the dry pond connections in a future notice as we get closer to starting the work.

Ermineskin Park

The construction of the dry pond in Ermineskin Park has been completed, including planting of replacement trees. Residents can expect to see on-going maintenance within the fenced areas, including installation of soccer goal posts, picnic tables and waste bins.

During the early summer, the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) will be installed in the dry pond. SCADA is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data, which includes warning devices in the pond's drainage grates that notify EPCOR when it is filling with water. EPCOR staff can be dispatched as necessary to ensure the site is safe.

EPCOR is looking into options to potentially remove the fence around Ermineskin Park earlier than fall 2021. Please note, this is dependent on the amount of rain we get and ensuring the sod rooting is established before the fence is removed. 

In fall 2021, the City of Edmonton will complete an inspection to ensure the landscaping has established prior to the dry pond and sports fields transferring to the City for ownership and maintenance.

Please note, these are still active worksites and are restricted areas. While we understand it is tempting to utilize these spaces, especially given the situation we are in with COVID-19, residents are asked not to remove the fencing or access the fenced area for their own safety and to prevent damage to the landscaping. Any damage to the landscaping may impact the City of Edmonton's approval and significantly delay the opening of the space.