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​Impacts from dry pond construction

For both the Steinhauer and Ermineskin Park dry ponds, no road closures are expected during construction. All sidewalks will be maintained during construction. Flag personnel will assist the public during construction activities. Contractor vehicles will be parked within the dry pond fenced area.

Impacts from sewer upgrade work

In addition to the construction of the dry ponds, various sewer upgrades located in areas of Steinhauer and Ermineskin are required. The sewer upgrade locations include:

  • Ermineskin: 26 Avenue west of 104 Street
  • Ermineskin: Along 29 Avenue near St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital
  • Ermineskin: Intersection of 27 Avenue and 105 Street
  • Ermineskin: 25 Avenue near south entrance to Ermineskin Park
  • Ermineskin: Corner of 29A Avenue and 105A Street
  • Ermineskin: Intersection of 105 Street and 25 Avenue
  • Ermineskin: Corner of 27 Avenue and 104 Street
  • Ermineskin: 29 Avenue just west of 106 Street
  • Ermineskin: Corner of 26 Avenue and 105A Street
  • Steinhauer: Corner of 29 Avenue and 110 Street
  • Steinhauer: Intersection of 32 Avenue and 110 Street

  • Steinhauer: Intersection of 32 Avenue and 108A Street

  • Steinhauer: 32 Avenue and the alley south of 108A Street

  • Steinhauer: Intersection of 32 Avenue and 108 Street/31 Avenue

  • Steinhauer: 33A Avenue and 108 Street

  • Steinhauer: 32A Avenue at the entrance to Steinhauer School/Community League parking lot

  • Steinhauer: Corner of 33 Avenue and 107 Street

  • Steinhauer: 106 Street south of 31 Avenue

  • Steinhauer: Corner of 33 Avenue and 104A Street

General construction impacts

  • Temporary full road closures or lane reductions will be required. Signage will be placed prior to any work starting. Traffic flow will be maintained where possible. Flag people will be on site to manage traffic.
  • At intersections, every attempt will be made to keep half the road open at all times.
  • Driveway and cul-de-sac access will be maintained at all times.
  • Temporary sidewalk/pedestrian access and parking adjacent to the work areas may be restricted.
  • The trails into Ermineskin Park from 105A Street and 29 Avenue will be closed. Signage will be placed to advise pedestrians and cyclists of any necessary detours.
  • EPCOR will work with the City of Edmonton to temporarily relocate bus stops as needed.
  • The excavation work will be located on city-owned property, however, some locations will be in the utility right-of-way grassy areas that residents maintain as part of their own lawn.
  • All disturbed grassy areas will be replaced with sod during permanent restoration.

Please note, multiple work locations are planned to be under construction at the same time.

Once work is complete at each location, the area will be temporarily restored with gravel or a steel plate will be placed on top until the other locations in the neighbourhood have been completed. Once all the upgrades have been completed, paving will be done.

All affected landscaping, pavements, sidewalks and alleyways will be restored to their original condition. All disturbed grassy areas will be replaced with sod during permanent restoration. Permanent road and surface restoration will be scheduled and completed as weather permits.