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The Steinhauer and Ermineskin Flood Mitigation Project

The Steinhauer and Ermineskin Flood Mitigation Project was initiated with the objective of reducing the risk of flooding during high-intensity, low-frequency rainfall events. The selected concept includes two dry ponds: one in Steinhauer Park and one in Ermineskin Park, as well as performing various sewer upgrades located in several areas of both neighbourhoods.

The dry ponds are stormwater management facilities which have been designed to stay dry and only begin to fill with water in large rain events when the stormwater system cannot handle the water volumes. During heavy storm events, the ponds act as storage facilities. The water will then drain from the dry ponds into the downstream stormwater system when there is capacity. The dry ponds will help reduce pooling of water on the streets, flooding of manholes, and the risk of basement flooding.

The project has been successfully completed and the storm system is fully operational.

Dry ponds and restricted areas

Steinhauer Park

The construction of the Steinhauer Park dry pond has been completed. Fencing will remain around the Steinhauer Park dry pond until approximately fall 2022 (one year upon completion of the landscaping). This is to allow the sod and other plantings time to properly root and grow.

Residents can expect to see on-going maintenance within the fenced areas, including installation of soccer goal posts, benches, picnic tables, waste bins and the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA).

SCADA is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data, which includes warning devices in the pond's drainage grates that notify EPCOR when it is filling with water. EPCOR staff can be dispatched as necessary to ensure the site is safe.

The new asphalt trail in Steinhauer Park will be open from 31 Avenue to Steinhauer School. For this winter, EPCOR will implement a snow removal program as per City of Edmonton standards. Residents can expect the trail to be bladed to a smooth snow pack within 48 hours from the end of snowfall. In addition, snow removal will be performed once 5cm of compacted snow has formed, or a heavy snowfall has occurred. Please note, EPCOR reserves the right to fence off the trail at any time should there be any safety risks for public access due to vandalism or damages to the landscaping or fence.

The fenced areas are still active worksites and are restricted areas. While we understand it is tempting to utilize the space, residents are asked not to remove the fencing or access the fenced area for their own safety and to prevent damage to the landscaping.

Any damage to the landscaping may impact the City of Edmonton's approval and significantly delay the opening of the space, including the removal of the fencing.

In fall 2022, the City of Edmonton will complete an inspection for the dry pond in Steinhauer Park to ensure the landscaping has established prior to the dry pond being transferred to the City for ownership and maintenance.

Ermineskin Park

The City of Edmonton has completed the final inspection for Ermineskin Park to ensure the landscaping has established to the required standards. The dry ponds and sports fields have been transferred to the City for ownership and maintenance. Any questions or concerns about the Ermineskin Park dry pond or recreation amenities can be directed to 311.

Sewer upgrades

The various sewer upgrades throughout Steinhauer and Ermineskin have been completed. All of the associated concrete work and paving restoration have been completed and all locations are open to traffic. Any minor seasonal landscaping deficiencies will be addressed in spring 2022.

The City of Edmonton is responsible for the maintenance of the roadways, curbs and sidewalks now that the project has been completed. Any questions or concerns about maintenance can be directed to 311.ā€‹