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Upgrades are necessary at the Summerside Substation (440 66 Street NW Edmonton) to reliably serve growing demand for electricity in southeast Edmonton. The required work includes adding one 240/25 kV transformer and one 240 kV circuit breaker, and adding or modifying associated equipment as required for the above transmission development. All of the planned work will take place within the existing fenced boundary of the Summerside Substation.


What is a substation and transformer?

 A substation is a part of the electrical system that connects two or more power lines. The Summerside Substation converts electricity from higher voltage power lines (transmission lines) to lower voltages that can be safely distributed to homes and businesses in the area. This conversion is done using a transformer.

Proposed schedule

EPCOR submitted the required application for this project to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) in February 2021. The project was approved by the AUC on April 1, 2021 (Decision 26320-D01-2021). Construction is planned to start in late spring 2021, and is expected to finish by spring 2022.