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Working with the co​​mmunity


We believe in working together with our neighbours around the Rossdale Water Treatment Plant when planning for our future. We want to minimize impacts on our neighbours and the environment, while continuing to provide safe drinking water to Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

Thank you for participating in our online workshops

In December 2020 and January 2021 we held a series of online workshops with neighboring residential communities, educational and recreational groups and other interested parties. Thank you to those who joined us to talk about our goals, shared outcomes and what to consider when we plan work at the Rossdale Water Treatment Plant. 

Starting with shared outcomes and goals

To begin the conversation, we prepared 5 shared outcome statements. Another way to think of these statement is as critical goals that guide our day-to-day operations and improvement projects. These goals were originally designed in collaboration with communities and serve as baseline goals for all of our treatment facilities. They include:

1. Quality of life: The Rossdale water treatment facility is operated, maintained and updated in a way that reduces impacts to stakeholders and improves quality of life regarding noise and enjoyment of parks and recreation.

2. Safety: Community, public and worker safety and health are protected.

3. Relationship: An honest, transparent, trusting and respectful long-term relationship is developed between EPCOR and stakeholders.

4. Environment: Pollution is prevented and community beautification is considered. 

5. Reliable, responsible and sustainable: The Rossdale plant is designed, maintained and operated in a prudent and responsible manner.

​​Now we're creating design princi​ples

These goals are just one piece of the puzzle and we know each treatment facility and each community is unique. During the online workshops we gathered feedback that we will use to collaboratively build a series of design principles. These will define how we'll meet the goals described in the 5 shared outcome statements and provide a framework to guide the evolution of the Rossdale site. We'll incorporate these into our planning documents for the Rossdale Water Treatment Plant.

Stay tuned for more information about this work over the coming months. We'll continue to post information here. You can also sign up for our emails​ to stay in the loop about work at the Rossdale site.​​


Rossdale Water Treatment Plan​t

Located on Treaty 6 territory in the North Sa​​skatchewan River Valley, the Rossdale Water Treatment Plant has been in operation since 1903 and has been serving the Edmonton community ever since. Check out the Rossdale water treatment process in action and more details about the infrastructure

Our facility focuses on the safety of the public, the environment and its employees to ensure that Edmonton’s water treatment needs are met.