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The majority of the overall project has been successfully completed. The construction of the Community Garden and the permanent restoration of the alley south of 67 Avenue and west of 112 Street will be completed in 2021.

Dry ponds

The construction of the dry ponds has been completed. Fencing will remain around the dry ponds until approximately fall 2021 (one year upon completion of the landscaping). This is to allow the sod and other plantings time to properly root and grow.

Residents can expect to see on-going maintenance within the fenced areas, including installation of soccer goal posts.

During spring 2021, the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) will be installed in the dry ponds. SCADA is a computer system for gathering and analyzing real time data, which includes warning devices in the pond's drainage grates that notify EPCOR when it is filling with water. EPCOR staff can be dispatched as necessary to ensure the site is safe.

EPCOR has already received multiple reports of residents entering the fenced worksite to use the toboggan hill. While we understand it is tempting to utilize these spaces, especially given the situation we are in with COVID-19, these are still active worksites and are restricted areas. Additional security measures will be put in place should residents continue to enter the fenced worksites.

Residents are asked not to remove the fencing or access the fenced area for their own safety and to prevent damage to the landscaping. Any damage to the landscaping may impact the City of Edmonton's approval and significantly delay the opening of the space.

Impacts from sewer upgrade work

Alley south of 67 Avenue and west of 112 Street

The connection to the existing deep storm line on 67 Avenue has been completed and the road is now open.

An unexpected issue arose during construction relating to conflicts with the ATCO gas main in the alley which has delayed the completion of the work.

EPCOR and ATCO agreed to temporarily restore the alley to provide residents access over the winter. This work has been completed and the alley is now open. The City of Edmonton requested that pylons be placed along both sides of the alley to help delineate the roadway for the residents. The pylons will remain along the alley until spring.

As part of the temporary alley solution, EPCOR will implement a snow removal program as per City of Edmonton standards. Residents can expect the alley will be bladed to a smooth snow pack within five days from the end of snowfall. In addition, snow removal will be performed once 5cm of compacted snow has formed, or a heavy snowfall has occurred.

It is anticipated that ATCO will schedule the gas line relocation in 2021. ATCO will communicate directly with impacted residents when work is expected to begin and with further information on the work methodology.

Once the gas line relocation is complete, EPCOR will then complete the permanent restoration of the alley. Further details about the alley restoration will be communicated closer to the start of the work.

The City will be responsible for the maintenance of the alley once the project has been completed.

Front Street Garbage Collection Alley south of 67 Avenue and west of 112 Street

Due to the temporary restoration of the alley, the City of Edmonton will no longer be able to remove garbage directly from the back alley. Residents are asked to place materials for collection at the front of their homes near the curb. The City has asked that no communal garbage piles be created anywhere on the street.

Front street garbage collection will remain in place until the permanent restoration of the alley has been completed in 2021. Residents are asked to call 311 and ask for the Waste Hotline should you experience any issues with your garbage collection.

Along 62 Avenue and 112A Street

The sewer upgrade work along 62 Avenue and 112A Street has been completed. The road is now open to traffic.

The City of Edmonton has advised that planting of the replacement trees will occur in spring 2021.

Community garden

The start of construction for the replacement community garden is dependent on the approval of the proposed design. This process is still underway with EPCOR, the City of Edmonton and the Community Garden Committee. The garden is expected to start construction in spring 2021.