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​While we complete the work for the Parkallen Flood Mitigation Project, you can expect to see activity that's typical to construction, including company/ contractor vehicles and equipment in your neighbourhood.

  • You can expect to see activity that is typical to construction, including company/ contractor vehicles and equipment. The contractor may use a combination of excavators, loaders, skid steers, and tandem trucks, as well as other equipment.
  • The construction area will be fenced/restricted.

Construction noise

  • Work will create typical noise associated with construction.
  • Heavy trucks will be moving through residential streets.


  • Safety is our first priority. All work areas will be fenced off and secured and flagging personnel will be used where necessary.


  • Dust will be kept to a minimum. This will include utilizing water spraying systems, limiting stockpiles, limiting operations in windy conditions, as well as ample street monitoring/cleaning.
  • The graveled access to the dry ponds will minimize mud tracking onto the road. All loaded trucks importing and exporting materials to and from site will be tarped.
  • Roads affected by hauling will be cleaned as required. Parking will be prohibited on both sides of 111 Street and 65 Avenue to allow for better road maintenance.


  • Work may be delayed due to extreme weather, such as lightning, cold temperatures, and wind. Updates will be provided if original timelines are adjusted.


  • Contractor vehicles will be parked within the dry pond fenced area for the pond construction.
  • During the sewer upgrade work, contractor vehicles will park in public parking areas near the construction sites

Sidewalks, walkways, pedestrian crossings

  • Detours will be created for any sidewalk / pedestrian crossing closures where possible.

Haul routes

  • The Haul Route is the system of roads between a worksite and the nearest major intersection that construction vehicles will take when entering and exiting the worksite.
  • During this work, you'll see heavy traffic along the haul routes.