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Public engagement level: Advise

We are sharing information about project updates and maintenance / rehabilitation activities on site. We will listen to and acknowledge feedback and share how public input (if received) influenced our planned activities.

Public engagement framework


One of the Shared Outcomes created by EPCOR and the Community is ensuring a Reliable, Responsible and Sustainable operation. In relation to the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant, this Shared Outcome refers to EPCOR designing, maintain and operating the facility in a prudent and responsible manner. The following updates and developments are related to this Shared Outcome.

 Diversion structure rehabilitation

We're completing a structural rehabilitation of the underground channels (large concrete pipes) near the plant's main gate that receive and distribute sanitary flows. These channels have experienced significant deterioration, resulting in the need for rehabilitation. The first phase of the construction was completed in February 2020, and the second phase started in January 2020. Construction can only occur in phases and during the low flow months (October to February), as the full capacity of the infrastructure is required during the rest of the year. The third and final phase of the project, is scheduled to start between October 2020 and February 2021. Rehabilitation of all sections is expected to be completed by February 2022. Preparation for upcoming construction activities will occur in September of each year.


 Enhanced Primary Treatment air scrubber building

We plan to install two additional Enhanced Primary Treatment (EPT) air scrubbers in a new building as shown on the image below. The new Enhanced Primary Treatment air scrubbers will allow EPCOR to provide overall odour control redundancy in this area. The existing Enhanced Primary Treatment scrubber will remain in service. This project aligns with our long-term plans and commitment to odour mitigation and reduction from site. We anticipate that construction will be complete by the end of 2021.


In 2019, we engaged with the community through a series of workshops, events in your neighbourhood and an open house in June. During these events we provided information about the Renewable Natural Gas and Pipe Rack projects.  Please see the following updates regarding these projects.

 Renewable natural gas

We anticipate that all required regulatory approvals for the proposed Renewable Natural Gas project (as shown on the image below) could be granted as early as September, 2020. If approvals are granted this fall, we plan to initiate site preparation (earthworks and grading) this fall. The buried injection line shown in yellow below is underground and no tree removals are required to accommodate this project. The majority of construction would occur in 2021. Further details will be provided to the Community prior to construction. 


We originally notified the Community about the Renewable Natural Gas Project in 2019 through workshops, newsletters and our open house.  Find out more about this project.

 Pipe rack project

The above-ground pipe rack project is on schedule for completion in November, 2020. There have been no changes to the scope or design details associated with the project. The limited tree removal required on site has been complete and foundations have been installed. Revegetation will align with the recommendations included in our Vegetation Plan. The majority of materials required for construction / installation have already been transported to site.

Provide feedback on our Vegetation Plan. Complete the survey found on our Vegetation Plan page.

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