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We will protect river valley parkland for future generations

By keeping all operations buildings and parking stalls within our current footprint, EPCOR's new plan ensures that river valley parks and trails will be preserved for current and future generations to enjoy. Based on current capacity, we've addressed two areas to ensure we meet our employee's needs while staying within our current fenceline.

Safe parking within our fenceline

Currently, parking at Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant has significant safety risks. However, we are able to build more stalls while staying within our current fenceline.

Safe parking

A hygienic operations centre for our employees

A new operations centre will be built within our current fenceline to address significant hygiene and safety risks to our employees.

New operations centre

Future site planning 

After meeting with the public and getting your feedback, we have a new recommendation on the location of future buildings within our current fenceline.

Design options

 Safe parking within our fenceline

Currently, most of the parking stalls at the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant are close to active treatment and process areas at the centre of the plant. This creates significant safety risks such as traffic congestion and increased chance of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. There is a need to provide additional on-site parking stalls for employees and contractors away from active treatment areas and process areas while still having parking near the workplace.

 A hygienic operations centre for our employees

In 2015, EPCOR completed a study which assessed the risks to employees working with wastewater and its biological hazards. A 2017 review recommended specific facility improvements. For instance, clean and dirty clothing is not properly separated (showers are between clean lockers and dirty lockers). Some locker and shower facilities also require staff to walk through process areas and lockers themselves are in process hallways.

We have a requirement to plan for facilities that provide the following:

  • The ability for employees to keep street clothes and personal items separate from PPE and work clothes; 

  • Shower and hand-washing areas for clean up after contact with wastewater; and

  • Locker rooms with storage space for boots that is separate and at floor level or at bottom of lockers.


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we've built into our long term plan.

Our commitments to you

 Future site planning

In February 2018, EPCOR notified the public and consulted on a design option to meet the safe movement and hygiene and safety objectives listed above. After listening to the feedback provided by the public, we decided to explore different design alternatives to meet the objectives of the project and preserve parkland. Throughout this process we compared several different options by considering:

  • The location of the parking and hygiene facilities
  • The sizing and type of structure
  • The cost to implement
  • The implications of location and sizing decisions

We brought these design options to the broader public during our third Citizen Planning Committee (CPC) workshop and our community open house held on June 25, 2019. The preferred option and original design are shown below.

Recommended design—Inside fence at East end of the site



  • Build a 150 stall surface parking lot at the east end and use a 45 stall surface lot in the south-central area near the new Ops Centre.
  • Reduce the laydown area


  • Operations Centre: one story, inside the fenceline
  • Maintenance/Admin offices moved from the centre to the east end, inside the fence 


  • City Parks Yard and Nordic Ski Club unchanged. No development outside of the existing fenceline.
  • Main entrance moved to east end of the site (arriving vehicles will now use Gold Bar park Road; exiting vehicles are unchanged).

​Original proposal



  • Surface parking lot with 220 stalls


  • Operations Centre: three story, Mtc./Ops. lockers, HEI Office, Control Room
  • Maintenance/Admin offices (future)


  • City Parks Yard relocated elsewhere
  • Nordic Ski Club relocated
  • Mountain bike trail stays as-is but would be relocated and rebuilt in the future
  • Parking accessible to public after daytime work hours


We will continue to gather more public feedback for the proposed Gold Bar parking lot and operations centre. The start of construction is currently planned for Fall 2019, with a completion date of Fall 2020.


Learn more about the other commitments
we've built into our long term plan.

Our commitments to you