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EPCOR applies for approval of its water rates to the City of Edmonton (our regulator) every 5 years under Performance Based Regulation (PBR), which ties our rates to performance. The rates for 2017-2021 were approved by City Council in October 2016. In our application, we included a commitment to convert at least 10% of our power consumption to renewable sources. This project will allow us to meet this commitment.

This project requires two sets of approvals before we can proceed:

  • Approval of our Land Development Application from the City of Edmonton
  • Approval of our Facility Application from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)

Land Development Application

In May 2017, we submitted a Land Development Application to the City of Edmonton for approval to rezone the area shown in grey on the map. This land is owned by EPCOR, and is currently zoned as a Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A). In order to build the solar farm on this site, it will need to be rezoned to a Public Utility Zone (PU), which will require approval from City Council. As part of this process, we are required to submit:

  • An amendment to the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (Bylaw No. 7188) to expand the PU zone to include solar farm use (submitted in May 2017)
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment (to be submitted in the fall of 2017, once our field assessments are complete)

Over the upcoming weeks, the City of Edmonton will notify landowners located near the project site to invite feedback about our application. For more information about the rezoning process and this project, please visit the City websites listed below:

Facility Application

Over the coming weeks, project team members will directly contact landowners, occupants, residents and businesses located in close proximity to the project to gather your feedback. Once we have received initial input from the public, we will submit a Facility Application to the AUC for approval to build and operate the new solar farm. The AUC regulates the construction and operation of all electrical infrastructure in the province.

Here's more information about how you can get involved in the Alberta Utilities Commission process: