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Our water rates are approved through the City of Edmonton (our regulator) every five years under the Performance Based Regulation (PBR), process, which bases our rates our performance. Our rates for 2017-2021 were approved by City Council in October 2016. In our most recent PBR application, we included a commitment to convert at least 10 percent of our power consumption to renewable sources. The E.L. Smith project will allow us to meet this commitment by generating the necessary amount of energy using solar power.

This project requires 2 sets of approvals before we can proceed:

  • Approval of our Land Development Application from the City of Edmonton
  • Approval of our Facility Application from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)

Land development application

In May 2017, we submitted a Land Development Application (including an Environmental Impact Assessment) to the City of Edmonton for approval to rezone the area shown in the white hatched section on this map. This land is owned by EPCOR and is currently zoned as a Metropolitan Recreation Zone ("A"). In order to build the E.L. Smith Solar Farm on this site, it will need to be rezoned to a Public Utility Zone (PU) and receive approval from Edmonton City Council.

As part of the approval process, we have submitted:

  • An amendment to the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan (Bylaw No. 7188) to expand the PU zone to include solar farm use (submitted in early 2018)
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment

We are currently in the process of reviewing and revising our Land Development Application based on feedback we have received from the City of Edmonton and anticipate a public hearing in either late 2018 or early 2019.

For more information about the rezoning process, or to find out more about our proposal and previous public engagement initiatives, please visit the City websites listed below:

Facility application

Earlier this year, we submitted a Facility Application to the AUC for approval to build and operate the E.L. Smith Solar Farm (Proceeding Number 23418). The AUC regulates the construction and operation of all electrical infrastructure in the province and is currently reviewing our application using their regulatory review process.

For more information on how you can become involved in the Alberta Utilities Commission process: