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​The City of Edmonton is building the Valley Line LRT, which will run from Mill Woods to Lewis Farms, crossing through downtown Edmonton.

Valley Line Southeast, Mill Woods to downtown, is currently under construction.

The construction for Valley Line West, downtown to Lewis Farms, is expected to begin within the next couple of years.

The construction of the Valley Line West will require EPCOR, along with other utility companies, to relocate a number of existing utilities that are currently located along the planned route. The City of Edmonton has directed EPCOR to begin the process of relocating our services.

New duct on 106 Street

​Starting the week of June 3, 2019, mainly during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. construction will begin to relocate the existing EPCOR utilities.

Construction area

Construction work will occur along the east side of 106 Street between the alley just north of Jasper Avenue and 104 Avenue. Work will also occur along the north side of 103 and 104 Avenues between 106 and 105 Streets. The work will involve an open excavation, which will require temporary road lane, sidewalk and access closures.

The work is divided into three project sections:

  • 106 Street,
  • 103 Avenue,
  • and 104 Avenue.

Once the work in one section is complete, the work in the next section will begin. Work will start on the 106 Street section, then proceed to the 103 Avenue section, and lastly the 104 Avenue section. This is the anticipated order, but this may change as construction progresses. Each section is expected to take one month to complete. Construction for all three sections is expected to take three months and be completed by the end of August 2019.


Similar projects in the area:

New vault at 102 Ave and 103 Street

Starting June 28, 2019 we will be relocating an electric vault at 102 Avenue and 103 Street. Work will generally take place between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We expect to complete this work by the end of August 2019.

Planned lane and sidewalk closures

Open excavation and movement of equipment are necessary for this work, which will require temporary lane and sidewalk closures.

  • Two-way vehicle traffic will be maintained for the majority of construction on both 102 Avenue and 103 Street by temporarily removing portions of street parking and part of the bike lane on 103 Street.
  • To ensure the safety of nearby building users, the open excavation will require Boardwalk Building's emergency exit onto 102 Avenue to be closed, and the Edmonton City Centre's emergency exit onto 103 Street near 102 Avenue to also be closed. These exists will only be closed while construction is occurring near them. Alternative emergency exits will be clearly marked and alternate emergency exit plans will be created by the buildings' property managers.
  • In early August, a full road closure of 103 Street between 102 and 103 avenues will be required for a crane lift of a new electrical vault into place on 103 Street. The crane lift will either occur over one week night, or during the daytime over a weekend.

Construction area

The work will be divided into three project segments that will be completed in sequence:

  • North side of 102 Avenue between the alley (on the south side of 102 Ave) and 103 Street
  • 102 Avenue and 103 Street intersection
  • East side of 103 Street up to approximately just south of the Hudson’s Bay entrance

Once the work in one segment is complete, the work in the next segment will begin. This is the anticipated order, but may change as construction progresses.


What to expect


We will ensure all appropriate permits and approvals are in place, including City of Edmonton noise permits, On-Street Construction & Maintenance Permit (OSCAM) and traffic accommodation plan (TAP).

Work space and environment

All work areas will be maintained in a safe and secure manner. All construction activities will be performed in accordance with the City of Edmonton's bylaws, Occupational Health and Safety requirements as well as EPCOR's strict health, safety, and environmental procedures and guidelines.


Work will create typical noise associated with construction. We will take measures to ensure compliance with the City of Edmonton's Community Standards Bylaw for Noise Control.

Traffic disruption

Depending on your location along the route, traffic disruptions may occur as a result of temporary lane or road closures that are needed to safely complete our utility relocations. Appropriate signage and barricades will be placed to advise of these temporary traffic disruptions. EPCOR works closely with the City of Edmonton's Traffic Control Department to minimize traffic disruption and impacts that may occur as a result of our utility relocation work.