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​​In 2012, storms caused extensive surface flooding, damaged homes, vehicles and property and caused sewage backup into basements throughout Tweddle Place. 

The Tweddle Place Storm and Sanitary Sew​​er Upgrades project was initiated with the objective of reducing the risk of flooding from storm sewers, basement flooding, and surface flooding in Tweddle Place, Lee Ridge, and Michaels Park, during high intensity, low frequency rainfall events.

The Tweddle Place Storm and Sanitary Sewer Upgrades project has been completed. The upgrades included expanding the existing Tweddle Place Dry Pond, upsizing the storm sewers, and installing storage pipe for the sanitary system.​​

​​Tweddle Place dry pond and living wall

A dry pond is a stormwater management facility which has been designed to stay dry and only begin to fill with water in large rain events when the stormwater system cannot handle the water volumes. During heavy storm events, the pond acts as a storage facility. The water will then drain from the dry pond into the downstream stormwater system when there is available capacity. The dry pond will help reduce pooling of water on the streets, flooding of manholes, and the risk of basement flooding.

EPCOR has completed all of the dry pond expansion construction, including the living wall structure and the extension, new trail and landscaping.​

​S​torm and sanitary upgrades

42A Avenue between 89 Street and Millbourne Road West

The upgrades along 42A Avenue were broken down into three stages:

  • Area 1 – 42A Avenue to 88 Street, including 88 Street
  • Area 2 – 42A Avenue from 88 Street to west of Millbourne Road
  • Area 3 – Millbourne Road

Construction for all areas is now complete, including the landscaping and concrete restoration.

44 Avenue and east of 85 Street

The upgrades on 44 Avenue and east of 85 Street are complete, including the landscaping and concrete restoration.​