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EPCOR has been reviewing operations of our Edmonton truck-fill stations (truck fills) and has been engaging our customers in consultation about the customer experience at truck fills and the future of our Kaskitayo and Londonderry truck fill locations in particular.

Project background

EPCOR prides itself on its ability to deliver high quality water to all residents of the City of Edmonton.  Truck fills are an important component of that water delivery, providing an opportunity for residential customers to draw bulk water from our stations.

There are six truck fills located throughout the City of Edmonton.  Truck fills were initially installed as the City was growing, and development of the water system had not grown at the same rate of development. 

EPCOR truck-fill stations

Review of our Kaskitayo and Londonderry sites

The Kaskitayo and Londonderry truck fill stations are under review because they are both located near vulnerable infrastructure and water bodies. This presents the following potential public health and environmental risks: 

  • Both truck fills stations are located on EPCOR reservoir sites.
  • EPCOR reservoir sites are typically not open to the public, and are accessible by essential personnel only, however, the public does have access to both the Kaskitayo and Londonderry reservoirs, as these are the locations of two of our truck fills. 
  • Increasing the accessibility of the public to EPCOR reservoir sites increases the risk to EPCOR's ability to provide clean, safe and reliable water to City of Edmonton residents.
    • Additionally, because they are located on reservoir sites, these truck fills are on occasion closed to the public when there is significant maintenance work to be completed.
  • The Kaskitayo station is located near Blackmud Creek and improper truck fill customer use has led to a spill of chlorinated water into this water body, which is harmful to aquatic life.

Additionally, the Londonderry truck fill station is by far our least used truck fill station and, as seen from the map above, there are three other truck fill stations in the north portion of the city. 

Customer consultation

In April 2019, we reached out to customers who use both the Kaskitayo and/or Londonderry truck fill stations to provide information about the proposed change and to invite customers to provide input at two open house sessions or through the EPCOR stakeholder hotline. 

What We Heard

Overall, customers explained that they would prefer all stations remain open but recognized the challenges with usage and operating on reservoir sites. Customers appreciated the opportunity to provide their feedback and showed significant interest in the potential development of a new station as well as improvements to remaining stations. 

Customer experience feedback

  • Through consultation with our truck fill customers, EPCOR has identified opportunities for potential improvements to the customer experience at existing truck fill stations. This includes improved facility access to ensure ample space for safe egress and the consistency of available equipment and infrastructure across all stations. 

Concerns and/or opportunities around the potential consolidation of the Kaskitayo and/or Londonderry stations

  • Throughout the consultation period, stakeholders expressed some concern with the potential closure of Londonderry station but were satisfied with nearby alternatives including Evergreen and 142 street.

  • Customers did express significant concern with a potential closure of the Kaskitayo truck fill station without providing an alternate site in the south portion of the city.  Customers using this site feel there is no alternative on the south side of Edmonton.

Seasonality of potential consolidation

  • Customers did not express a conclusive preference in terms of the timing of any potential consolidation. 

For a detailed summary of feedback received, please review the What We Heard Report.

What's next

Based on the feedback we received, EPCOR is proposing to:

Decommission the Londonderry truck-fill station in early 2020

After reviewing our truck fill station operations and consulting with customers, EPCOR will be consolidating the Londonderry truck fill station into our remaining truck fill sites. We expect customer impact will be limited due to the limited activity at this truck-fill site and proximity to two other alternate stations on the north side of Edmonton.

Additionally, given Londonderry's customer base is primarily commercial, these customers can access EPCOR's hydrant permit program, as a truck fill alternative. 

Investigate a viable alternative in the south end of the city prior to making any changes to the level of service at the Kaskitayo station

Through our consultation with customers, we identified that consolidating the Kaskitayo station into our remaining sites without providing an alternative on the south end of the city would significantly impact customer access to bulk water.

As a result, EPCOR will be investigating a viable alternative in the south end of the city prior to changing our service at the Kaskitayo station. We will consult with Kaskitayo customers prior to any changes to the level of service at this truck fill station.

Complete a plan for upgrades at all remaining truck fills to address customer suggestions for improved services

During our consultation, as evident in the What We Heard Report, truck fill customers identified a number of changes and upgrades that they would like to see put in place across the various truck fill stations. Below we've identified a plan for upgrades moving forward and will be updating as initiatives are completed.

The 2-year plan for our truck-fill station upgrades:

3 Months

    • Review dispensing program to ensure accurate quantity delivered
    • Re-label truck fill and barrel fill lines to top and side, respectively
    • Put up a sign to remind users to close the panel door
    • Reinforce the rules of using gantry for potable only

6 Months

    • Standardize pipe sizes and connection fitting (preferable metal fitting)
    • Replace gantry hose with a better one (e.g. one at Kaskitayo station)
    • Review water pressure at stations to ensure quick delivery
    • Regular check and replacement of gantry hose and barrel fill fitting

1 Year

    • Divert hydro-vac users away from truck fill station and direct towards hydrant program
    • Heated concrete pad (or better drainage design) to prevent ice buildup
    • Dedicated potable water barrel fill for acreage users

2 Years

    • Improve site access to reduce congestion, vehicle lineup and wait time
    • Improve site design to allow more room to maneuver vehicle and less restriction on small trucks used by acreage owners
    • Add a 2'' gantry fill at Kaskitayo Fill Station

More Information

Your questions and input are important to us. For more information about the project, or to provide us with feedback, please contact us at:
Phone: (780) 412-3599