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​EPCOR has been reviewing operations of our Edmonton truck-fill stations (truck fills) and has been engaging our customers in consultation about the customer experience at truck fills and the future of our Kaskitayo and Londonderry truck fill locations in particular.

Project background

EPCOR prides itself on its ability to deliver high quality water to all residents of the City of Edmonton.  Truck fills are an important component of that water delivery, providing an opportunity for residential customers to draw bulk water from our stations.

There are six truck fills located throughout the City of Edmonton.  Truck fills were initially installed as the City was growing, and development of the water system had not grown at the same rate of development. 

EPCOR truck-fill stations


Review of our Kaskitayo and Londonderry sites

The Kaskitayo and Londonderry truck fill stations are under review because they are both located near vulnerable infrastructure and water bodies. This presents the following potential public health and environmental risks: 

  • Both truck fills stations are located on EPCOR reservoir sites.
  • EPCOR reservoir sites are typically not open to the public, and are accessible by essential personnel only, however, the public does have access to both the Kaskitayo and Londonderry reservoirs, as these are the locations of two of our truck fills. 
  • Increasing the accessibility of the public to EPCOR reservoir sites increases the risk to EPCOR's ability to provide clean, safe and reliable water to City of Edmonton residents.
    • Additionally, because they are located on reservoir sites, these truck fills are on occasion closed to the public when there is significant maintenance work to be completed.
  • The Kaskitayo station is located near Blackmud Creek and improper truck fill customer use has led to a spill of chlorinated water into this water body, which is harmful to aquatic life.

Additionally, the Londonderry truck fill station is by far our least used truck fill station and, as seen from the map above, there are three other truck fill stations in the north portion of the city. 

Customer consultation

​In April 2019, we hosted multiple open houses to collect customer input. We are currently compiling all collected feedback and will be providing updates on this webpage.

If you missed the open houses and would like to have your feedback considered, please contact us at:  

Phone: (780) 412-3599