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At EPCOR, we're committed to providing our customers with a safe, reliable water supply now and long into the future. That means maintaining and investing in water infrastructure, from the wells and canals that bring the water to our treatment plants to the pipes that bring it to your homes.

In October 2018, EPCOR began work on an important project to serve your community.

Impact on your community

There are 10 wells in Sun City West, many dating back to the very beginning of this master-planned community and even before. Well 1.5 was originally drilled in 1956, making it more than 60 years old.

Well 1.5 is an important piece of the infrastructure system that provides water to our Sun City West customers. Although maintenance and repairs are completed throughout the life of a well, as wells age they become less efficient and produce less water. After 7 decades, Well 1.5 had declined to a point where it could no longer reliably produce the amount of water needed to satisfy the daily needs of our Sun City West customers. A replacement well was required.

A new well

The new well will be drilled between October and December 2018. After EPCOR has finished drilling the replacement well, work will start on the equipping phase of the project – installing the electrical equipment, controls and pump that run the well.

Complete in June 2019

The replacement well is expected to be complete and doing its part to bring water to Sun City West customers by June 2019.