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Project overview

To better serve our Sun City West wastewater district, we're rehabilitating approximately 5,100 feet of sewer main line in Meeker Blvd., between 134th Dr. and Beardsley Rd.; and along the north side of Bell Road, between El Mirage Road and a manhole approximately 940 feet west of El Mirage Road.

These areas are mostly residential and the sewer main generally runs behind the sidewalk. We'll be starting the project in November 2020 and expect to finish it by January 2021.

The work will not affect customers' service except for brief periods when we're working directly around your address – and you'll be notified in advance when this is going to happen. In addition, EPCOR's contractor may need to lay a bypass hose across your driveway as work is completed near your home or business. Bypass hoses do not block access to garages and customers can drive across them.  

We appreciate your patience as we carry out this infrastructure project to ensure long-term reliability for your wastewate system. 


A recent assessment of the wastewater system found that the sewer main line in the areas noted above has structural defects. We've carefully designed the rehabilitation project to minimize impacts to residents. A cured-in-place liner will provide the same life as a whole new pipe but without the need to dig open trenches or damage landscaping and streets.

Project basics

This project will re-line the sewer main in the sections of streets noted above in Sun City West. 

While we realize this construction may result in a temporary inconvenience, the work is needed to ensure the best, and most reliable, wastewater service for your neighborhood. We plan to carry out the work during normal business hours unless it's absolutely necessary to work after-hours.