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As part of EPCOR's continued investment in safe, high-quality infrastructure, we'll be replacing approximately half a mile of water main under Riviera Drive between 99th and 103rd avenues and a section of main on 99th Avenue between Riviera Drive and Alabama Avenue in Sun City.

The estimated $650,000 project will begin in late October, and we expect it will be completed in early 2020.

Need for the project

Assessing the condition of our underground infrastructure is a routine part of EPCOR’s work in the community. In the past 10 years, breaks and leaks along Riviera Drive have resulted in costly, disruptive and time-consuming emergency repairs. Broken or leaking water mains are also a major cause of lost water.

Replacing the half-mile section of water main is a long-term investment in improved infrastructure to benefit customers by ultimately saving water, time and money.

Thank you for your patience

Once the new water main is installed, we will need to turn off water service briefly for customers along Riviera Drive between 99th to 103rd avenues while we connect customers to the new line.

EPCOR team members or our contractor will notify affected customers of this brief disruption the day before it occurs; we expect it to last no more than an hour.

We realize the project may result in temporary inconvenience. Thank you to all affected customers for your patience as we replace the old water main to ensure high-quality, reliable water service for your neighborhood and to avoid repeated breaks and emergency repairs in the future.