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In 2019, we will be replacing water mains and completing water system upgrades in the Strathcona Neighbourhood as part of our commitment to improve water system reliability. This work is being completed prior to the City's upcoming road rehabilitation work.

Project details

​Project details

We currently have projects scheduled at the locations shown on the map below. Projects highlighted in blue are scheduled to be completed this year. Projects highlighted in yellow may be deferred to next year, depending on coordination requirements with the City of Edmonton.



Accelerated water main renewals involve replacing water infrastructure in areas scheduled for upcoming road rehabilitation by the City of Edmonton. All water mains with a minimum of one break in the past 5 years are reviewed for replacement in advance of City paving. Get more information about our accelerated water main renewal program.

Construction details

We have projects scheduled that will involve construction work on 88 Ave, 85 Ave and 106 St.

We, and our long term contractor, are working closely with the City's Traffic Operations Department to determine how best to complete this work while minimizing impact to traffic patterns.

What to expect during construction

Our contractor will excavate the ground to start the work. After it's complete, the affected streets, alleys and sidewalks will be restored. In some cases, the finished alley pavement width will be increased slightly to conform to current City standards or pavement elevations may be changed to improve overall drainage. Some restorative landscaping may be done on the City's property between the pavement/sidewalk and your property line. 


Construction sites can be dangerous places. Please do not let anyone, especially children, enter the work area. Equipment and materials will also be stored near the construction site. Barricades are set up for your protection and for the protection of our workers. It is illegal to move these barricades at any time.

Road closures

Access to your property and your alley may be limited during the construction period. Road closures will be clearly marked with signage and barricades to keep our workers and the public safe. Please move any vehicles you may require during this time in advance of construction.


Parking on the affected street(s) will be restricted for the duration of our project to allow the contractor to safely complete their work.

Garbage collection

If construction takes place in the alley where your garbage is normally collected, garbage pickup will be temporarily moved to the front street. The garbage collection schedule will remain the same. Pick up on the street will continue until the alley is paved and barricades are removed.

Water outages

You may experience a water outage during any of the construction projects identified under project details. Here's how to prepare for planned and unplanned water outages

Temporary water lines

If we need to shut off your water during construction and we hook you up to a temporary water line, there will be no consumption charge for water provided through the temporary line. You will only pay the monthly basic charges for water supply and the water consumption provided by regular metering service.

Customer notices
​Customers directly adjacent to the construction or whose water service will be impacted by this work will receive hand-delivered notices prior to construction with more information, including contact information for our contractor completing the work.