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​Project Update (December 2020) – Meadowlark Substation

72 kV circuit breaker building update

On March 12, 2020, as part of the West Edmonton Transmission Upgrade Project (WETUP), EPCOR received approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission for modifications to the Meadowlark Substation (Decision 23943- D01-2020). One of the modifications included a new building to contain two new 72 kV circuit breakers.

EPCOR has since identified the circuit breakers will not require an enclosure as the selected breakers are able to withstand environmental elements, such as extreme cold weather. The new breakers will look similar to the existing equipment in the substation.

With this new information, EPCOR is proposing to change the project scope by omitting the construction of the new building at the Meadowlark Substation as it is no longer required.

For more information, please read the project update.