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​As the West Valley continues to grow and attract new residents, the need for high-quality water service is also in demand. To support the area's growth, as well as the future residents of the southern portion of the Agua Fria water district, we're constructing a booster station.


Project background

The booster station will be located just west of 195th Avenue/Jackrabbit Trail, north of the Missouri Road alignment. Construction is scheduled to begin early 2016 and should be completed by summer 2016.

The primary service area for the booster station will include Verrado, Canyon Views and other new-build residential and commercial sites in the area.

Why is the booster station needed?

Because Buckeye and the surrounding southwest Valley area is growing, a new booster station is necessary to ensure that water gets to its destination quickly, safely and at the right pressure.

What's a booster station?

​Understanding booster stations

Getting drinking water to your tap – or to your fire department's hydrants – isn't a matter of just having water in pipes underground.

Delivering water at a correct pressure is also important – a slow drip out of the tap won't wash shampoo out of your hair, or put out a fire.

Stations like this take water in, check it to make sure it's safe to drink, and then push it out – boost it – at an increased pressure to the serviced area. There are hundreds of stations like this in the Valley.