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​​​​​​​​​​Installation of Fibre Optic Cable -​ Rossdale Substation (9469 Rossdale Road) to the Garneau Substation (11117 - 85 Avenue)​​​​

Project update - August 2023

​​​In April 2021, EPCOR sent out a project notice to project area stakeholders regarding a proposed new Fibre Optic Cable from the Rossdale Substation (9469 Rossdale Road) to the Garneau Substation (11117 - 85 Avenue). In June 2022, EPCOR applied to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for approval of the fibre optic cable project and on August 30, 2022, the AUC approved the project (Decision 27472-D01-2022). This notice provides updates on the project route and schedule.

Project update

Since filing our application with the AUC, we have adjusted the route (see map for route segments and adjustments​). Construction is underway and the work is expected to be completed in October 2023.​

September Project Update PDF​​​​​

Project background

EPCOR is installing approximately 4.1 km of new fibre optic cable from the Rossdale Substation to the Garneau Substation. Fibre optic cables provide a communications link between neighbouring substations and EPCOR’s control centre. This enables EPCOR to monitor and remotely control its transmission equipment, communicate with other transmission operators, and ensure the safety and reliability of EPCOR’s transmission system.​

This project involves: 

  • Installing 8 meters of new duct and fibre optic cable in the Rossdale Substation to connect the existing fibre infrastructure in the substation building to the existing duct and manhole infrastructure​ (see white line on map). 

  • Installing 1.8 km of new fi​bre optic cable underground through existing ducts and manholes from the Rossdale Substation, across the river, to Gateway Blvd south to 81 Avenue ​ (see the orange and yellow line on map). 

  • Installing 0.35 km of new duct and new fibre optic cable underground to connect two existing manholes from Gateway Blvd/81 Avenue to west of 104 Street​ (see green line on map). 

  • Installing 2 km of new fibre optic cable in an existing duct bank west of 104 Street/81 Avenue to 80 Avenue to 111 Street to Garneau Substation​ (see blue lines on map). 

Please also refer to the map for the route segments EPCOR no longer plans to utilize for the project​ (see red/white line on map).​​​

Project map
4703 - map_Sept2022.jpg

Construction impacts

Hours of​ work

Typical hours of construction will be from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Saturday. If required, these hours may be extended, and construction may occur during overnight times.

Road​ closures

Roads where crews are working will be reduced to one lane to provide a safe area for crews to work and space for the necessary equipment. Proper signs and barricades will be put up during these temporary lane closures.

Temp​​​orary parking restrictions

Temporary No Parking signs will be put up in areas where crews plan to work. Signs will be removed when the work is complete, typically one to two days later.

Construction no​ise

Since most of the new fibre optic cable will be installed underground through existing manholes, construction noise should be less than noise typically associated with heavy construction.

We will take measures to ensure we comply with the City of Edmonton's Community Standards Bylaw for Noise Control. If it is necessary to temporarily exceed acceptable noise levels, we will work with the City of Edmonton to obtain the necessary permits.

Const​ruction equipment

This type of work requires the use of EPCOR vehicles, reel trailers, a cable winch and a hydrovac truck at certain locations.

Wo​​rk space

All work areas will be safe and secure. All construction activities will be in accordance with the City of Edmonton bylaws, Occupational Health & Safety requirements, and EPCOR's strict health, safety and environment procedures and guidelines.

Po​wer outages

No power outages are anticipated as part of this work.​

Regulatory process

About the Alberta Utilities Commission

Alberta's electrical system is regulated by the AUC. The AUC is an independent, quasi-judicial agency that ensures the delivery of Alberta's utility services takes place in a mann​er that is fair, responsible and in the public interest.

For more information about the AUC, please visit the AUC's web​site.

Please also se​​e AUC brochure: Participating in​ the AUC's independent review process.​