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EPCOR completes routine maintenance and upgrades at our substations so we can continue to provide safe and reliable power. There are four upcoming maintenance projects scheduled to occur this year at EPCOR's Genesee Substation and the Luscar Substation.
Project overview

​Gravel Upgrade

Additional gravel needs to be added to the northeast and northwest corners of the Genesee Substation site (see area shown in blue on the map). This work is scheduled to begin in August/September 2021 and will take approximately two weeks to complete.

Yard Lighting Upgrades

To improve visibility, new LED lights will be installed throughout the Luscar Substation, located south of the Genesee Generating Station. These lights will be mounted on the existing light poles and will be pointed downward to minimize sideways glare. The work is scheduled to begin in October 2021 and is expected to take approximately one week to complete.

Water Mitigation Project

EPCOR will be installing weeping tile around the existing Genesee Substation relay building and a sump pump at the lift station to improve drainage (see area shown in green on the map). A PVC pipe will also be installed to connect the new weeping tile to the existing drainage culvert. This work is scheduled to begin in October/November 2021 and take approximately six weeks to complete.

Battery Replacement Project

A battery bank within the Genesee Substation building has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced (see area shown in yellow on the map). This work is scheduled to begin in November 2021 and take approximately two weeks to complete.


Typical hours of construction will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; however occasional evening and weekend work may be required.

  • Gravel Upgrade: August/September 2021
  • Yard Lighting Upgrades: October 2021
  • Water Mitigation Project: October/November 2021
  • Battery Replacement Project: November 2021


Regulatory requirements
Alberta's electrical system is regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). The AUC is an independent, quasi-judicial agency that ensures the delivery of Alberta's utility services takes place in a manner that is fair, responsible and in the public interest. For more information about the AUC, please visit the AUC's website.