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​EPCOR is responsible for building, maintaining and upgrading the electric transmission and distribution system in Edmonton. Part of this system includes transmission lines, overhead or underground power cables that move high voltage power throughout Edmonton. 

One of the underground transmission cables that runs between the area of 112 Street to 109 Street and 90 Avenue to 85 Avenue needs urgent repairs. A project update was sent to the Garneau community in October.​ Read project update​.

Project Overview
​Starting in early August, you will see the following activities as we begin repairing the cable: 

  • ​​Constructing two “freeze pits”, one in front of the Garneau Substation located at 11123 85 Avenue and one at 110 Street and 90 Avenue.
  • Removing the section of damaged cables and replacing it with a new cable.
  • Digging a new access pit in the work area along 110 Street at 88 Avenue for further repairs that are required to the cable pipe in that location.​

  • Restoring the roadway and work areas.

What is a Freeze Pit?

​Some underground transmission power cables are protected within a pipe filled with insulating fluid. This helps regulate the temperature of the cables. 

To safely repair the power line, EPCOR crews excavate and build what’s called a “freeze pit”. A heat exchanger coil is wrapped around the transmission line and liquid nitrogen is pumped through the coil, freezing the fluid in the pipe. Once the fluid is frozen, we can start repairing the cable.  

Freeze pits operate 24/7 using a whisper quiet generator.


Construction will begin in early August and is expected to be completed within four months, weather permitting. The typical hours of construction will be 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., Monday to S​aturday, however, crews will be onsite 24/7 during this time to monitor the freeze pits.

EPCOR performed initial damage assessments prior to work starting. However, once crews dug and located the cable underground, we learned that it sustained greater damage than first anticipated. To complete these complex repairs and ensure safe, reliable electricity, EPCOR will remain in the area until the end of November.​

Project Area Map

Detailed maps for each area showing the traffic and pedestrian impacts can be found here​.​

Please note work areas may change due to weather or ground conditions.

Construction Details

​We understand construction can cause disruption and try to minimize impacts when possible. Crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to complete this emergency repair. 

Residents and businesses can expect to see activity that is typical to construction, including company/contractor vehicles, tanker trucks, an excavator, hydrovac trucks and other equipment.

Power Outages​

Power outages are not expected as a result of this work. This work will ensure that we can continue to provide safe and reliable power. 


This project may be noisy at times during daytime work hours. EPCOR must run a quiet generator overnight to maintain the equipment in the freeze pit. We will comply with the City of Edmonton’s Community Standards Bylaw for Noise Control. If it is necessary to temporarily exceed acceptable noise levels, we will work with the City of Edmonton to obtain the necessary permits.


Landscaping and pavement will be restored after construction is complete and when weather permits.


The construction area will be fenced and/or marked as a restricted area. We will take every precaution to ensure public safety. We also need your assistance in keeping a safe distance from the construction sites and equipment.​

Traffic and Pedestrian Impacts

​There are two work area locations with traffic and pedestrian impacts:

  • Work Area 1 – 85 Avenue between 112 and 111 Street

  • Work Area 2 – 110 Street between 90 and 87 Avenue

Work Area 1

Temporary road, bike lane and sidewalk restrictions are required near the freeze pit at 90 Avenue and 110 Street for crews to safely work at this location. Signage will be used to detour traffic, bikes and pedestrians around the work area.

  • ​​For the duration of construction there will be periodic closures of 110 Street. Please see the detour map below​.​
  • The bike lane along 110 Str​eet between 90 Avenue and 89 Avenue will be closed for the duration of construction.  Cyclists will need to dismount or safely navigate onto 110 Street to move through the area.​

An excavation will be required in the bike lane along 110 Street between 89 Avenue and 87 Avenue.

Work Are​a 2​​

The east section of 85 Avenue, between 112 Street and 111 Street will be closed to traffic and parking for the duration of construction. Temporary sidewalk restrictions may be required. Signage will be used to detour traffic and pedestrians around the work areas as required.

  • ​​Traffic will be maintained in two directions on the west side of 85 Avenue up to the closure of the east side of the road. Parkade and business access will be maintained.