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‚ÄčFrom March 2016 to March 2017, we will be replacing existing power equipment including above ground power cables/transformers and power poles in the Fulton Place & Capilano neighborhood. These assets are reaching the end of their lifecycle and need to be switched out. Doing this will enable us to continue to provide you with safe and reliable power service.

What to expect during construction


You can expect to see activity that is typical to construction, including company vehicles and equipment.

Hours of Operation

We anticipate our hours of work for this project to be Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; however, occasional evening and weekend work may be required. We expect that the work will be completed by March 2017.

Construction Noise

Work on the power system upgrade will create typical noise associated with construction. We will take measures to ensure we comply with the City of Edmonton's Community Standards Bylaw for Noise Control. If it's necessary to temporarily exceed acceptable noise levels, we will work with the City of Edmonton to receive the necessary permits.

Lane Closures

There may also be times where we need to temporarily block access to your driveway or alleyway. We will try and provide you as much notice as possible.

Work Space

All work areas will be maintained in a safe and secure manner. All construction activities will be performed in accordance with the City of Edmonton bylaws, Occupational Health and Safety requirements as well as EPCOR's health, safety and environmental procedures and guidelines.

Power Supply

Please note that to complete the work in your area, an interruption to your power service will be required. The timing and length of this interruption hasn't yet been determined. We will do our best to keep it at a minimum and perform the pole replacement near you as quickly as we can. If we anticipate the power interruption to your property to be over hours, you will be notified. hours, you will be notified.

Equipment and trailer laydown

For the duration of this project, EPCOR will use our transmission property located on the west side of the Hardisty substation (10120-50 Street) as an equipment and trailer laydown area. This area will be securely fenced off to the public and will be locked nightly.