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On October 8, 2020, during an inspection of a sewer trunk line that runs 23 metres below 61 Ave, a 2.5 metre long opening was discovered along the top of the sewer trunk line. Upon further investigation, materials surrounding the trunk line were found to be eroded, creating an underground void in the earth above the trunk line at the intersection of 61 Ave and 109 St. On October 12, a hole formed in the surface of the road in the intersection.

The intersection of 61 Ave and 109 St has been closed since the hole in the trunk line was discovered on   October 8.

There is no structural risk to homes and businesses in the area. Based on assessments, it appears the void area is limited to a section under 61 Ave. We continue to monitor the roadway and surrounding infrastructure for any changes.

The sewer trunk line that runs under 61 Ave is 1650mm in diameter and carries both storm and sanitary flows.

What's happening now

EPCOR has finalized plans to repair the sewer trunk line and the void above the trunk line and anticipates the intersection to be reopened in May 2021.

Two shafts and four 30mm holes have been drilled down 23 metres to the trunk line under 61 Ave. These will be used to safely access the trunk line for repair work as well as support bypass activities. A bypass takes flows from the below ground drainage system, brings them above ground in a pipe to discharge the flow into the four 30mm holes away from the work area. We are currently using the shafts to remove debris that accumulated in the trunk line. A new bypass has also been installed using the new shafts. The previous bypass from 111 St to 106 St has been removed, with the exception of the portion of the bypass immediately south of the work site.

Due to the oval shape of the trunk line we are required to custom order a pipe. Measurements will be taken to procure a specially fabricated fiberglass pipe from Dubai that will be inserted into the trunk line to rehabilitate it. It will take approximately 8 weeks for the fiberglass pipe to be manufactured and delivered to Edmonton.

While we await the arrival of the fiberglass pipe we will work to fill the void and stabilize the area. The opening in the trunk line will be plugged using a balloon-like device and then the void above filled. Once filled, a soil stabilization study around the void area will be undertaken to ensure the road is safe. Once the trunk rehabilitation work is completed, there may be a period of reduced construction activity while we await the arrival of the fiberglass pipe from Dubai. However, there will still be ongoing monitoring and inspection work at the site. Once the new fiberglass pipe is delivered to site, it will be installed in the trunk line in segments and grouted into place.

The two shafts will then be converted to new manholes, and the four 30mm holes and old manhole near the void will be backfilled. The road will then be restored and the intersection reopened.

Why Dubai?

The shape of the sewer trunk line is unique due to its oval shape and large diameter (the trunk line is 1.9 metres tall and 1.2 metres wide). The length of manufactured fiberglass pipe needed to repair the trunk line is 50 metres, which is considered to be a small scale order.

The majority of fiberglass pipe manufacturers solely manufacture circular pipe configurations and only do large scale orders. EPCOR engaged multiple suppliers and communicated the requirements for the fiberglass pipe, including the speed at which the pipe is needed. The supplier in Dubai is able to manufacture and deliver the custom pipe in accordance with the unique specifications, and in the shortest timeframe.

​What to expect

Residents may notice some increased sewer odours as a result of the bypass. The pumps and generators for the bypass will also generate noise, in addition to the construction equipment and activity for the repair. We have been monitoring noise levels and will do everything possible to manage noise associated with the construction. Lights will also be on around the work site through the night to allow for monitoring.

Traffic impacts

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Safety and COVID-19

Prioritizing safety

​Traffic impacts

The intersection of 61 Ave and 109 St is closed for the duration of our repair work. As a result, there are significant traffic impacts in the area as outlined on the map.

We expect the intersection to remain closed until May 2021. We ask that motorists take their time, follow signage and consider taking alternate routes if possible.

  • Westbound 63 Ave is reduced to one lane starting at Gateway Blvd.
  • Westbound 61 Ave is closed at 109 St and traffic is redirected to 109 St northbound.
  • Eastbound 61 Ave, west of the intersection, is closed at 109 St and traffic is redirected to 109 St northbound.
  • Eastbound 61 Ave, east of the intersection, is reduced to one lane until 106 St.
  • Northbound 109 St from the Pleasantview neighbourhood is closed. Access to the Husky and Circle K will be maintained from both entrances.
  • Southbound 109 St will be closed at 63 Ave and redirected to westbound 61 Ave.
  • One lane of southbound 109 St is open adjacent to the McDonald's to provide customer access to the restaurant from the east entrance. The only exit from the McDonald's is northbound 109 St.
  • Access to the back lane west of 109 St and north of 60 Ave is closed from 109 St. Access to the back lane will be maintained from 110 St/60 Ave.


  • Gateway Blvd and 82 Ave
  • Calgary Trail and 51 Ave
  • 111 St and 51 Ave

Emergency work map



We anticipate our repair work to be completed and the intersection to be reopened in May 2021. However, the work and timelines are estimates and may change based on safety and work conditions and the condition assessment of the drainage infrastructure as the project progresses.

Typical hours of work will be from 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Saturday. If required, these hours may be extended.


We continue to monitor the roadway and surrounding infrastructure for any changes.

The construction area in the intersection will continue to be fenced and marked as restricted areas. We will take every precaution to ensure public safety, and we request your assistance in keeping a safe distance from the construction site and the equipment.


EPCOR is closely monitoring the situation related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Protocols have been put in place for our employees while performing essential work to protect the health of our teams and our customers. We also request homeowners take precautionary measures by maintaining a safe, two meter distance from our crews.