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​Why is it important?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the water that goes down your drain? It's collected and brought to a facility where it is carefully treated and disposed of – re-using it for irrigation or other industrial uses or putting it back into the ground for future use. This requires an elaborate system of underground pipes and pumps, all working together to move the wastewater away from your homes and businesses.

Many wastewater systems, like the one in Sun City, work using gravity to move wastewater through a series of pipes that get bigger and bigger until it reaches a large pipeline that carries it to the Tolleson Wastewater Treatment Facility.

But gravity can't do all the work – especially when wastewater has to go from a lower elevation to a higher one.

That's where lift stations come in – they collect and "lift" the wastewater and raw sewage, keeping it moving through the pipes. But when a lift station gets clogged and can't do its job, our wastewater team has to get inside to clean it out by hand.

Project details

​What is happening?

The Coyote Lakes Lift Station moves wastewater away from the Coyote Lakes community and golf course. Although our team performs regular maintenance and repair, the pumps have aged to a point where they need to be replaced.  Submersible pumps will replace the existing suction pumps, helping the lift station be more efficient, quieter and easier to maintain in the future. 


​When is it happening?

The pumps will be replaced between early August and the end of September 2015. While being replaced, the lift station will continue to work using bypass pumps, which will be put in a sound enclosure.

Before we replace the pump, we need to inspect the lift station when it is as empty as possible. We'll be doing that work on June 23, beginning at 11 p.m., when wastewater flow is the lowest.