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To better serve the Sun City water district, we're replacing nearly 4.1 miles of water main pipe in and near the Coyote Lakes community in Surprise. The project will be completed in phases, moving north through the Coyote Lakes subdivision.

The initial Phase 4 replaces 1.3 miles of pipeline. Phase 4 includes replacing pipeline in Coyote Lakes Parkway north of 115th Drive, as well as in cul-de-sacs adjacent to Coyote Lakes Parkway in the northern third of Coyote Lakes. Phase 4 will begin in October 2019 and continue through March 2020.

This nearly $4.1 million investment in the water infrastructure that serves the Coyote Lakes community and EPCOR's Sun City customers will ensure long-term system reliability as well as help to prevent water loss due to leaks.


This water main, which is located in sections of Coyote Lakes Parkway and 115th Drive, as well as cul-de-sacs within the Coyote Lakes Community, was improperly installed in 1988. As a result, there have been frequent breaks in the line that result in significant water loss and frequent, costly repairs.

Project basics

‚ÄčThis project will remove and replace the main pipeline in sections of Coyote Lakes Parkway and 115th Drive, as well as pipelines that extend from the main water line into the cul-de-sacs.

While we realize this construction may result in a temporary inconvenience, we must replace the line to ensure the best, and most reliable, water supply for your community. Our crews will be working during typical construction hours and are focused on mitigating any impact to the community as they complete this important project. Before we begin work in each cul-de-sac, residents will be notified.