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‚ÄčAt EPCOR, providing our customers with a safe, reliable water supply is the foundation of what we do, and we're committed to ensuring that your water delivery system continues to do that now and long into the future. That means maintaining and investing in water infrastructure, from the wells and canals that bring the water to our treatment plants, to the pipes that bring it to your homes.

In May 2017, EPCOR is beginning work on an important project to serve your community.

What is happening?

An irrigation well provides water for the Coyote Lakes golf course. Originally drilled nearly 60 years ago, the well must be replaced to ensure a reliable water supply continues to be available to the golf course.

In May 2017, EPCOR will begin drilling the replacement well on the north side of Union Hills Drive between 11th and 113th avenues. Although we are using the least disruptive process, sound barriers will be added to further minimize any impact to neighbors near the well site. Vehicles and equipment that need to access the site will enter through an existing site entrance off of Union Hills Drive.

What else?

Once drilling is complete at the end of August 2017, we'll start installing the well equipment in November 2017 so that the well is operational and in service in spring 2018 before the summer heat returns.

The pump used with the replacement well, called a submersible pump, will also be quieter than the above-ground pump used with the well that is there today.

Because this is an irrigation well, there will be no disruption to your water service.


Customer Care: 1-800-383-0834 or
Project Manager: (623) 587-5211