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​From replacing old meters to replacing old service lines that leak and break, the five-year, $8.9 million Chaparral SIB program is replacing and repairing aging infrastructure, improving your service and limiting the amount of water wasted through leaks and breaks.

​Chaparral's SIB is a five-year program focused on "routine" infrastructure improvements in four categories: meters, valves, hydrants and service lines. Here are some of the $1.6 million in improvements made to your water distribution system in the first year between June 21, 2014 and June 20, 2015:

  • 1,631 meters, among the oldest in the Chaparral district, replaced.
  • 291 aging service lines replaced, reducing water leaks and improving water pressure and flow.
  • 65 old and faulty valves replaced, reducing disruption to water service and water loss during main breaks.
  • 25 fire hydrants replaced to improve fire flow and response times in case of emergencies.

Stretching nearly three miles and on the SIB schedule for 84 service line improvements in 2017 and 33 valve replacements in 2018, El Pueblo Boulevard was on the Town of Fountain Hill's repaving schedule for 2015. Instead of tearing up the road twice – inconveniencing residents and paying the construction costs twice – the ACC approved our request to adjust our schedule to coordinate with the Town's. If this work had been done in 2017 and 2018 – after the Town repaved the road – it could have cost an extra $250,000, plus as much as $100,000 to fully repave the road. Instead, it cost just $6,000 to shift these replacements to 2015 – coordinating with the Town's schedule and saving money for our customers.

In the second year of the SIB program, up to $1.7 million will be spent to:

  • Replace old meters and valves.
  • Repair and replace miles of old service lines between Palisades Avenue and Fountain Hills Boulevard, north of Shea Boulevard.
  • Replace aging fire hydrants, ensuring that water is there when the fire department needs it to protect your homes and businesses.

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