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We're working on a series of projects along Bell Road to improve the aging wastewater infrastructure of Sun City West.

A 3.25-mile section of the force main that connects the Bell Road Lift Station with the Northwest Valley Water Reclamation Facility will be replaced. This is a $7.25 million investment in the Sun City West infrastructure, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Additionally, new pumps at the lift station at Bell and El Mirage roads will improve how efficient and reliably the station operates. This $145,000 project should be completed by June 2016.


Project background

A force main is a pressurized wastewater pipeline. Wastewater from homes and businesses flows by gravity in neighborhood pipelines that ultimately dump into a lift station, which delivers wastewater through a force main to a facility to be treated. 

The Bell Road force main is the only pipeline that delivers wastewater from Sun City West to the treatment facility, and it was installed more than four decades ago.

If there is a significant failure in the system, there is no alternative route to get the wastewater to the treatment facility. It would impact service to all Sun City West wastewater customers, and could result in significant costs and public health concerns. To protect against this a new main is being installed.

Because wastewater flows through pipes by gravity, lift stations are required to keep the wastewater moving when elevations change. To keep wastewater flowing properly, we're installing new pumps at the lift station located at Bell and El Mirage roads.

Project basics

​Project basics

To add the new 3.25-mile force main pipeline, we'll be working in the following areas:

  • Along the east side of El Mirage Road north of Bell Road
  • Across the Agua Fria River east to 115th Avenue
  • North along 115th Avenue to Union Hills Drive
  • East along Union Hills Drive to the existing force main
  • North to the Northwest Valley Water Reclamation Facility