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Providing our customers with a safe, reliable water supply is the foundation of what we do. We are committed to ensuring that your water delivery system continues to do that now and long into the future. That means maintaining and investing in water infrastructure, from the wells and canals that bring the water to our treatment plants, to the pipes that bring it to your homes.

In November 2012, we will begin work on an important project to serve your community.


​Project background

As part of Corte Bella's master plan, two wells were planned to provide an adequate and sustainable water supply for the community's residents. While both wells were in the master plan only Well #100.1 was completed. The site for Well #100.3, which was prepared for future use, is located on the south corner of La Positas and Sola drives in Corte Bella.

Today, Corte Bella's water comes from wells #100.1 and #100.2. Well #100.2 is located outside of the Corte Bella community in the Crossriver Development.

Why is this project important?

​Why is this project important?

We need Well #100.3 to ensure that our Corte Bella customers don't experience a disruption in their water supply or service. Water demand during the summer months is significantly more than what one well can produce. Currently, if an existing well is shut down for maintenance, or if an unexpected equipment failure occurs, water supply for the area will be reduced or disrupted until both wells are operating again. 

Project details

​Project details 

Anticipated timeline

  • Beginning November 19, 2012 through mid-January 2013, we'll drill Well #100.3.
  • From February through mid-summer 2013, we'll complete the installation and testing of the well's equipment.
  • Well #100.3 will begin providing water by mid-summer 2013.


Although we will be using the least disruptive process, sound barricades will be added to further minimize any impact to neighbors near the well site.

Construction water

During the project, construction water from the site will be redirected through a temporary pipeline that will go from the site, through the Flood Control District of Maricopa County drainage right of way, to the Deer Valley Golf Course located outside of the Corte Bella community. The water will be stored in the golf course's irrigation ponds for use in keeping the fairways green.