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​Recycling millions of gallons of wastewater every day takes work – a job the complex network of pipes, manholes and lift stations do for you every day. But as the system ages, important repairs and replacements are needed to protect it for years to come.

As part of our ongoing preventative maintenance and inspection program, we will be rehabilitating deteriorating sewer manholes in the southern portion of the Cross River community, part of the Agua Fria wastewater district. Work will begin as early as late February 2017 and last about a month in the following area:

  • West Lone Cactus Drive, west of  119th Avenue and east of 120th Lane

Residents and visitors can expect to see EPCOR and contractor trucks and crews working in the street, removing manhole covers and applying new protective coatings to the manhole walls under the street. Once a manhole is repaired, work will begin on the next one and the process will be repeated.

There will be no disruption to sewer service

We recognize this work may result in a temporary inconvenience – we're completing it as quickly and safely as possible. Work will be done during regular business hours and may generate some noise and odor. Safety cones will be used to divert traffic around the work area. No work will be done in residents' yards, and we'll work closely with our contractor to ensure the work has little to no impact on residents.


Please call the Project Manager at (623) 445-2451.