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Community A​​rt Contest

EPCOR has incorporated the community into the project through a Community Art Contest utilizing construction site hoarding.

In July, EPCOR hosted an art contest to incorporate the community into the project by utilizing construction art hoarding. Construction site hoarding can be creative, eye-catching printed art displays installed to a fence on a construction site perimeter.

At EPCOR, we are deeply inspired by the communities where we operate. We asked residents to express the heart and soul of their community through art.

We would like to congratulate the five winners whose artwork is currently on display at 148 Street and Summit Drive​.​

Contest winners

Linley​​ M.

Age 5 to ​8

These flowers were really fun to make. My favourite thing about it is that it makes me think of Christmas. I also like that I feel like I'm in my garden when I look at it.

Hannah F.

Age 9 to ​13
The heart and soul of Crestwood is the community of people and the way that they interact with nature. This place brings happiness to everyone.

Ella S.

Age 9 to 13
Represents the heart and soul of the communities of Crestwood, Glenora, Grovenor and West Jasper Place through MacKinnon Ravine and the connected river valley pathway. People of all ages and stages of life can play, exercise and de-stress in the valley while enjoying the beauty of our City of Edmonton.

Maya​ P.

Age 14 to 17
My art represents the true soulful beginnings of community. It sheds light on Crestwood being the first community league in Edmonton, representing a budding light that began a wave of amazing growing communities that are so deeply valued across Edmonton.

Loan D.

Age 18 to 64
Just like fruits, we come in different shapes and sizes! Our community is inclusive whether you're a pineapple or a strawberry. We're all sweet on the inside! Our community is preserving history like Glenora School and Government House, carrying on traditions on Candy Cane Lane and revitalizing an old building like The MacLaren Building. The heart and soul of our community is us - A bunch of fruits!

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