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What's happening?

New underground distribution cables will be installed and the existing aerial lines will be removed. EPCOR will work with residents and businesses along 105 Avenue to provide information on construction impacts and updates to the construction schedule. 

Installation of Underground Distribution Cables

Before the above-ground power line can be removed, the new underground line needs to be installed. This will involve digging an open cut trench and installing the pipes that will contain the new underground distribution cables. These underground cables need to be located underneath the road; therefore, we will need to close sections of 105 Avenue to complete the work.

To minimize the impact, EPCOR will complete the work in one block sections along 105 Avenue, reopening the road as each section is completed. Construction will begin at 114 Street and move west to 116 Street.

Other activities required to complete this work include installing above-ground power cubicles and transformers throughout the project area and installing underground distribution cables along 116 Street using a horizontal directional drill.