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E​PCOR Ardenode renewable natural gas (RNG) facility

Tur​​ning waste into r​enewable energy

EPCOR is proposing to build a facility to capture methane gas from livestock manure and other organic materials and transform it into renewable natural gas (RNG).​​

​Where will the facility​ be?

The facility is proposed to be located in Wheatland County, 13km North of Strathmore, Alberta on a 20-acre (8ha) site at the northeast corner of Highway 564 and Range Road 253.​​

On the interactive map, the proposed area for the facility is noted in green, near Cattleland Feedyards office (in grey).​​​



​Project pa​ges to review

Visit "About the facility" next.​​​​


About the​ facility

Get to know what the facility will do, and view renderings of site plans and what it will look like. 
About the facility​​​​​​


About the anaerobic d​igestion process

Understand renewable natural gas (RNG), anaerobic d​igestion and how​ the process works to ​​​produce RNG and digestate.
Understand the process​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Project benefits

Discover how the proj​ect is expected to benefit the community and the environment once it is ope​rationa​l.
Project benefits​​​ ​​​


What to expect from EPCOR and the facility

Learn more about EPCOR, what type of neighbor EPCOR and the facility will be and predicted odour conditions.
What to expect​​​​​​​


Next steps 

View our next steps, project timelines and regulatory approvals needed along the way. 
Next steps and timelines​​​​​​​​​​

​Contact us

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to learn more about the EPCOR Ardenode Renewable Natural Gas Facility. If you have further questions, contact us at:​

Phone: 1-833-963-4643​​

Additional information