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E​PCOR Ardenode renewable natural gas (RNG) facility​

EPCOR has decided not to proceed with the Ardenode Renewable Natural Gas Project. The market pressures and cost increases that have been affecting construction across a number of industries have also affected this project and, as a result, the project no longer fits within EPCOR’s risk tolerance.

We were pleased to meet with the community and gather feedback on the project. We appreciate people’s time and effort in talking with us and sharing their opinions and ideas. We had been looking forward to working together to make this project work for the community.

We are grateful for the expertise and experience shared with us by a number of commercially-minded counterparties on the project, including Cattleland Feedyards. Their input was extremely valuable and we regret not being able to pursue this any further.

Although EPCOR will not be proceeding with this project, the development work completed to date on the project was promising with strong potential for a developer with a different risk tolerance and EPCOR will entertain discussions with other developers. 

EPCOR is committed to addressing the challenge of climate change through renewable natural gas and remains interested in exploring other opportunities.

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