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The City of Edmonton


EPCOR Technologies acts as an integral player for the City of Edmonton's traffic signal and intelligent transportation system (ITS) needs.


For a City as large of Edmonton, maintaining an effective transportation network is a big task. Add to it significant year over year growth, and the expectation that you find ways to reduce congestion, save money, improve safety and reduce environmental impacts, and a challenging picture unfolds for the City of Edmonton's Transportation Department.

At the heart of the City's transportation network is a progressive traffic signal system spanning over 1100 intersections. This includes everything from full intersections, pedestrian and rail crossing infrastructure, vehicle detection, lane control and pre-emption systems. The City has also introduced a variety of Intelligent Transportation System components to aid traffic flow such as road weather information systems, adaptive traffic management systems, intersection safety cameras and dynamic messaging systems.

Effective maintenance of such assets is essential given the high use and harsh weather conditions in Edmonton. Just as important is timely response and repair when issues arise to mitigate extensive delays and reduced safety. A lack of consistency and dependability in the installation, repair and maintenance of these traffic components reduces the reliability of the system. Yet trying to engage, manage and hold accountable multiple entities in performing these activities increases the challenge.


The City of Edmonton has taken a partnership approach to the maintenance, repair and upgrading of their traffic signal & ITS system in contracting EPCOR Technologies to service their needs in a turn-key fashion.

Technologies' has established an integrated group of management, engineers and field staff committed to optimizing traffic operations, preventative & reactive maintenance and capital upgrades for the City of Edmonton's extensive roadways.

In addition to field activities, the Technologies' team performs engineering analysis, design and specification review, procurement, inventory management and integration support for the necessary software and hardware.

Technologies' 24/7 call center for emergency response and trouble call's ensures that issues are prioritized and dispatched in line with required timeframes to mitigate hazardous conditions. Having experienced, IMSA certified Journeymen electricians responding to site means allows for proper diagnosis and timely repair.

EPCOR Technologies plans and performs its activities in compliance with a rigorous safety and environmental management program - in line with the City's and EPCOR's high standards.


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