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The City of Edmonton


The Pylypow industrial community is 322 hectares of land in the south industrial area of Edmonton. In 2010, the City of Edmonton wanted to move forward on an additional stage of its Industrial Area Structure Plan by establishing and servicing a large track of land along Roper Road between 45 Street and 42 Street.

Bringing a new development on line in the midst of a major municipality requires strict conformance to established urban standards and a rigorous approval process. Prime consultant Alterra Engineering required an electrical specialist they could trust to engage all relevant stakeholders, develop workable electrical designs and ensure the construction met all of the City of Edmonton's expectations for quality, safety and environmental responsibility.

In addition, the electrical component would need to be completed in concert with the work of various other contractors, with the power being connected as soon as possible after completion of construction activities.


EPCOR Technologies offered a turnkey solution for the underground industrial development (UID), delivering electrical design, construction, and commissioning services for the project. The design included roadway lighting and distribution servicing for the immediate area and connections for future commercial lots, and production of as-built drawings.

Upon approval of the designs, Technologies' drew on its supplier contacts for the diverse material requirements including streetlight poles with breakers and concrete bases, streetlight cabinets extensive wiring, duct and backfill, 25 kV switching cubicles and 1-phase transformers.

Working in concert with the design and procurement teams, trades and utility crews mobilized to complete all necessary trenching, duct work, grounding, wiring & splicing to ready the project for testing and commissioning.

Strong coordination and understanding of the local utilities requirements allowed the Technologies' team to have the area safely energized prior to the completion of roadwork.


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