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Fort Edmonton Park


Our work has provided historic Fort Edmonton Park with a modern, more reliable electrical system for their streetcars by upgrading the substation equipment and mitigating potential safety hazards.

The Challenge

Fort Edmonton Park is a local attraction highlighting the history of settlers venturing to Edmonton, Alberta. This giant outdoor museum focuses on historic accuracy, attempting to preserve all artefacts and equipment in as authentic a state as possible. A unique feature of the park was an antique streetcar system, which still featured substation electrical equipment with a mercury vapour rectifier.  An upgrade was required to preserve the functionality and safety of the system, ensuring adequate power and preventing against rectifier failure.

An overhaul of the system involving the design of a modified substation utilizing equipment from the LRT system in Edmonton was proposed. However, limitations in the existing drawings and records would require a comprehensive review of the system to ensure the feasibility of the approach.


EPCOR Technologies was engaged to design and implement the upgrade. The desire to re-use equipment from the Edmonton LRT system required significant coordination with Edmonton Transit System to confirm material availability and functionality. The design team's review revealed additional needed upgrades to the substation building structure and heating & ventilation system for which EPCOR presented numerous options and helped to coordinate fixes.

EPCOR Technologies' field crews arrived on the scene to install the substation equipment amidst poor weather conditions and other civil upgrade projects in and around the streetcar system. In order to meet the customer's desired completion timeframes, effective coordination was required.

Testing uncovered several cable, aerial switches and rail bonding failures due to the age of the equipment, for which EPCOR Technologies teamed up with a range of qualified partners to ensure upgrades were completed safely and efficiently.

The substation upgrade preserved a long standing feature of Fort Edmonton Park, while maintaining its safety for use by future generations. Not only was everything installed to professional standards within budget, the system was equipped with several new isolation points and protection relays to provide additional protection to the equipment and maintenance providers.


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