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​Street lights and specialized lighting


From design to procurement, installation, and maintenance, EPCOR Technologies' experience and approach strives to deliver the most cost-effective lighting solution for our customers.

We have extensive experience lighting roadways and community spaces with street lights or specialized lighting solutions including:

  • Rural and urban arterials, interchanges, freeways and streetscapes
  • Neighborhoods, alleyways, parks and plazas
  • Multi-use trails, crosswalks and other pedestrian lighting
  • Bridges, parking lots and area lighting for yards


LED street light design, installation and maintenance services

EPCOR Technologies has vast knowledge and expertise with streetlight services including lighting roadways, neighborhood renewal projects, park pathways and other infrastructure. We can offer solutions on how to optimize your existing system through improved street lighting design, LED retrofitting and maintenance.

In addition, we can support project delivery by providing constructability feedback and asset assessments to implement cost saving measures at the design stage.

  Street light services

With our in-depth knowledge of new technologies, we can help assess your current street light infrastructure, and offer solutions for design, procurement and installation including:

  • Lighting level measurement and analysis
  • Design of street lighting systems
  • Electrical design and lighting control
  • Product specification and review
  • Pole structural design and analysis
  • Cadastral recording and drafting
  • Material procurement and inventory management
  • Installation and retrofitting
  • Preventive and reactive street light maintenance and repairs

  Street light installation & LED retrofitting experience

Our extensive knowledge and experience in LED street lighting and pole lights is why we are a leader in the implementation of LED lighting in Canada. We have designed and installed thousands of street lights throughout the province of Alberta. You can be assured that we have you covered for any street light requirements.

Our design considers new types of distribution patterns, color temperatures, and an array of adaptive control options. In addition to our larger suite of lighting capabilities, our LED specific services include:

  • Lighting & electrical design for LED retrofits
  • Design for adaptive controls
  • Specification development & review
  • Warranty recommendations
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Proactive maintenance & emergency response
  • In-house controls installation & recertification
  • Consultation & recommendations for the design, procurement and installation of LED luminaires

Contact EPCOR Technologies about your street lighting project. We will work with you to find efficiencies, reduce your risk and ensure consistent quality throughout the entire process.



​Specialized lighting concepts

Adaptive systems, festive displays and the integration of color are some of the ways that communities and businesses can use lighting for artistic expression, crafting an identity and community building. We have helped organizations implement specialized lighting systems across:

  • Bridge lighting
  • Large facilities such as public institutions and commercial buildings
  • Historical buildings
  • City park lights
  • Business revitalization zones
  • Parking lot lights and area lighting for yards and large spaces

Bringing highly visible, specialized lighting systems to life is easier said than done. Our experience and knowledge allows us to develop cost-effective solutions, while supporting you through every step of the process in implementing your system including:

  • Conceptual, preliminary and detailed design
  • Lighting level assessment
  • Control system assessment
  • Product specification and material procurement
  • Installation
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance


Featured street and specialized lighting projects

As a leading utility engineering, construction and maintenance firm we have demonstrated our expertise on a wide range of projects. View our highlighted projects below or case studies of in-progress and completed projects EPCOR Technologies has been involved in.



Critical Streetlight Pole Replacement Program - City of Calgary

When faced with a range of streetlight infrastructure that was deemed to be in a critical state of disrepair, the City of Calgary was looking for an effective contractor to replace over 410 streetlight poles within a few months time during the harsh winter season. Because of EPCOR Technologies' expertise, reputation and ability to respond quickly and efficiently, the City contracted EPCOR Technologies to remove and/or replace concrete bases, streetlight poles, junction boxes, pole plinths, and luminaires.


​​Other infrastructure engineering, construction and maintenance solutions we offer in Alberta:


Fiber optic solutions

We provide comprehensive communications and telecommunications infrastructure support through our complete fiber optic cabling solutions. Our range of solutions spans from conduit installation to cable installation. We deliver underground or overhead installation solutions that can meet your data and IT systems management needs, including dark fiber installation & leasing.

Fiber Optic Solutions

Intelligent transportation systems and traffic signals

Traffic signals and control systems are part of your transport system infrastructure that includes smart signal technologies. EPCOR Technologies works with municipal and community partners in to maintain current systems and to integrate intelligent traffic control systems with traditional infrastructure.

transportation systems

Power distribution infrastructure

We have a long history of keeping power flowing to communities and businesses in Alberta. This includes building and maintaining power distribution systems, substations, and underground residential development (URD). We understand the needs of our public sector, and deliver quality solutions for our clients.

Power Distribution


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