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Light Rail System Solutions​


As a municipality grows, so does its citizens' need for reliable transportation. When built and maintained effectively, a light rail transit system (LRT) can revolutionize mobility across cities.


Our light rail system expertise

EPCOR Technologies has been involved with the electrification of Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems since the City of Edmonton introduced its first line in the 1970s and we have a long history working with light rail signalling systems. Using this vast experience, EPCOR Technologies is very capable of supporting the development and maintenance of LRT systems.

EPCOR Technologies has a trusted team of engineers, procurement, field staff, and partners in place to deliver all these aspects and to complete the following stages of your deployment:

  • Engineering and design
  • Product specification, procurement  and inventory management
  • Installation, retrofitting or upgrading
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Emergency response
  • Preventive and reactive maintenance

​Light rail transit system services

We provide services for every step of the process. We will provide you with LRT construction costs that include the engineering and design review, through to product specification development and procurement. EPCOR Technologies provides a full scope service that includes the installation and overhaul of your light rail transit system construction process.

Our expertise and project experience is primarily in these integral areas of a light rail transit system:

  • Traction power substations and systems
  • Overhead Catenary Systems (OCS)
  • Signal and communication systems
  • Lighting Systems

Connect with EPCOR Technologies to discuss your light rail transit system project including new or existing systems. We can provide an end-to-end solution for your public transportation needs, or provide specific services to overhaul or upgrade your current system including LRT signal systems.

What is a light rail transit system?

Light rail transit systems travel along a rail system on a right-of-way that is usually separate from road traffic. An LRT system is most often powered by electricity, has lower capacity and operates at lower speeds than traditional heavy-rail passenger trains.

Light rail systems provide effective public transportation with lower capital costs and increased reliability compared to other systems. Light rail can also be referred to as commuter rail, metro, tram and rapid transit. The distinction between LRT systems and other mass public transit systems is usually based on the separation from road traffic and having their own LRT signalling system to maintain that separation and provide safe and dependable transportation for its passengers.


Light rail traction power & catenary systems

Critical to the effectiveness of your rail line are the systems and components that power and direct it. The key components of your power system include:

  • Traction power substations
  • Power distribution system
  • Underground duct banks and cabling
  • Overhead catenary system (OCS)

  Traction power substations

The traction power substation plays a key role in the overall traction electrification of your light rail transit system as it is where the main power comes from. The traction power substation is where utility power is typically converted from AC to DC before being transmitted to the train through our traction power distribution system and overhead catenary system. There are multiple substations for a rail line which EPCOR's team of experts can help design, build, upgrade and maintain. Read our Fort Edmonton Substation upgrade case study.

To date, EPCOR Technologies is responsible for maintaining 17LRT DC traction power substations for the City of Edmonton. We are also contracted to provide preventative and reactionary maintenance services for substations within the right-of-way for the TransMountain Pipleline Expansion project.

  Traction power distribution system

The traction power distribution system takes the DC traction power from the substation to the overhead catenary system. We can design, construct and maintain any underground duct banks and cabling required for your railway system.

EPCOR Technologies is responsible for the preventative and corrective maintenance of traction power components of the City of Edmonton's LRT. EPCOR Technologies also supports capital projects with the installation new traction power components including:

  • DC switchgear
  • AC switchgear
  • Transformer
  • Cable tray and wiring
  • Charger/Battery Bank
  • Power distribution components
  • RTU Cabinet

  Overhead catenary systems

Overhead catenary systems (OCS), also called overhead contact systems, is a key component as it supplies the current to run the train.

The team at EPCOR Technologies helps proactively and reactively maintain the overhead catenary system for 24.3 kilometers of track in Edmonton. Learn more about our maintenance of the LRT traction power and signal system for the City of Edmonton.

The interconnected components that deliver power to your rail line are all vital to a well-functioning system. Your choice in who builds and maintains these elements can be just as critical. We have extensive experience managing the implementation, integration and operation of such components across varied weather conditions and network expansions. Contact EPCOR Technologies about your light rail power system.



Light rail signal systems

We understand that the functionality and safety of your LRT system hinges on the performance of any one of the signal system's vital parts. We have a long history of installing, inspecting, testing and maintaining the following components so that they remain in top working condition:

  • Roadway crossings
  • Traffic/rail logic interface
  • Track switch machines
  • Track circuits
  • Wheel detectors
  • Track magnets
  • Relays (vital / non-vital)
  • Batteries / UPS / standby power

​There is a lot more to maintaining your LRT system than just keeping it running on the tracks. EPCOR Technologies is a full scope provider for your light rail signalling system. We will complete a full engineering and design review and we can operate as your single source for product procurement and materials management. We offer equipment assembly, wiring and testing services including LRT and traffic signal system interfacing to ensure your systems are operating in coordination with each other.

On top of providing component installation and overhaul of your LRT signal and communication systems, EPCOR Technologies can also provide preventative and reactive maintenance services to maintain your system for years to come. Similarly, we offer training programs that will allow you to take over the operating and maintaining of your signal system.



Featured LRT system projects

As a leading integrated utility engineering, construction and maintenance firm we have demonstrated our expertise on a wide range of projects. View our highlighted projects below or case studies of in-progress and completed projects EPCOR Technologies has been involved in.


Calgary 7th Avenue LRT Refurbishment, City of Calgary

EPCOR Technologies was responsible for the installation of the new traction power system. The scope of this work included all overhead catenary work, new street light poles, removal of old infrastructure and configuration of associate system wiring.


LRT Traction Power Substation Installation - City of Edmonton

EPCOR Technologies installed traction power equipment and wiring for new traction power substations located at MacEwan University, Kingsway and NAIT. Our crews also upgraded the traction power equipment and cabling at the existing Churchill traction power substation.


Power distribution infrastructure

We have a long history of keeping power flowing to communities and businesses in Alberta. This includes building and maintaining power distribution systems, substations, and underground residential development (URD). We understand the needs of our public sector, and deliver quality solutions for our clients.

Power Distribution

Intelligent transportation systems and traffic signals

Traffic signals and control systems are part of your transport system infrastructure that includes smart signal technologies. EPCOR Technologies works with municipal and community partners to maintain current systems and to integrate intelligent traffic control systems with traditional infrastructure.

transportation systems

Fiber optic solutions

We provide comprehensive communications and telecommunications infrastructure support through our complete fiber optic cabling solutions. Our range of solutions spans from conduit installation to cable installation. We deliver underground or overhead installation solutions that can meet your data and IT systems management needs, including dark fiber installation & leasing.

Fiber Optic Solutions

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