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​Power distribution infrastructure for development


EPCOR Technologies has a long history of constructing and maintaining the distribution systems that keep power flowing to communities and businesses. Because we understand the needs and challenges of our public sector, utility and industry clients, we can deliver quality
solutions for:

  • Residential and industrial power distribution systems
  • Underground residential development and equipment sales
  • Active power utility systems, including substations

 Residential and industrial power distribution systems

Residential and industrial land development companies are responsible for the design, development and implementation of utility infrastructure systems in their residential communities or industrial neighborhoods. The process includes coordination with municipal and community groups to ensure compliance with regulatory provisions and guidelines. This includes ensuring infrastructure is in place for power distribution and transmission to the new development or building.  

EPCOR Technologies can deliver a power infrastructure distribution solution for your new development, construction or replacement project. Whether it is a component of a larger project or a full turnkey solution, we can satisfy your 600V to 72kV power distribution system requirements. Our talented team has successfully delivered:

  • Residential and industrial land development distribution systems
  • Commercial, institutional and industrial building distribution systems

Power distribution system development

EPCOR Technologies works directly with our developer partners to plan and design the power utility services required for their project. Our knowledge of the industry and understanding of power utility needs allows us to deliver solutions that save time and money.


Planning, design and construction services

With in-house engineering, project management, experienced crews and an extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment, EPCOR can deliver on a wide range of underground distribution projects for developments:

  • Underground and aerial distribution drafting and design
  • Pole tension and loading calculations
  • Conduit and duct planning
  • Cable and duct pulling calculations
  • Material specification and procurement
  • Greenfield and brownfield construction
  • Troubleshooting, repair and maintenance
  • As-built recording and asset management

Contact EPCOR Technologies to help simplify the development process.


 Underground residential development

Underground utility installation requires pre-planning to ensure a safe and efficient build. The planning process must carefully examine and evaluate the location, and use, to determine the type of utility to be placed in the corridor or line location. EPCOR Technologies provides underground residential development services including installing underground electrical conduit, duct installation and patch panel installation.

Shallow utilities installation

Underground utility services which have facilities buried at a depth less than 2.5 metres below surface grade are called shallow utilities. This includes residential underground electrical service, cable television and communication utilities. These may be bundled in a joint use trench, where all utilities are placed in one trench rather than two.

Considerations for the trenching and digging should be coordinated during the planning phase, including specific requirements for conduit installation. Challenges such as installation of shallow utilities in the winter and outdoor conduit installation need to be considered in the design and build phase.

Underground residential development equipment sales

Through high-volume ordering and strong relationships with major suppliers, EPCOR Technologies offers clients competitive pricing and expedient delivery of Underground Residential Development (URD) equipment. EPCOR is proud of its ability to deliver the right goods at the right price to meet project requirements and budgets.

URD products are tested in EPCOR's High Voltage Test Lab. Clients can be confident all products ordered through EPCOR are tested to requisite standards and are ready for deployment in residential areas.



Need URD equipment pricing?

We understand every project has different requirements. We can help. Contact us for equipment options and pricing.

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 Active power utility systems

EPCOR Technologies experienced team delivers and preserves safe and reliable connections between your transmission and distribution networks. Contact us for support of your power utility systems.

Utility and industrial substations

EPCOR Technologies has the experience and capabilities to support Greenfield and Brownfield substation projects. We help our customers bring Greenfield substations online and with the replacement or upgrade of Brownfield substations.

Our capable and integrated team, in conjunction with trusted industry partners, can take care of the following elements for substation environments up to 72kV:

  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Apparatus
  • Protection & Control

Electrical substation maintenance and testing

We invest in talented people who can be trusted to handle your necessary substation maintenance and testing activities. Our substation maintenance and testing services include relay and cable testing, AC and DC substation switching and remote terminal unit and battery maintenance.

Power transformers & cables

EPCOR Technologies' in-house resources are well equipped to perform the installation and upgrading of your:

  • Power & communications cabling, including primary and secondary cable upgrading
  • Grounding grids
  • Power transformers
  • Switchgear

Power distribution and residential development project highlights

As a leading integrated utility engineering, construction and maintenance firm we have demonstrated our expertise on a wide range of projects. View our highlighted projects below or case studies of in-progress and completed projects EPCOR Technologies has been involved in.


Pylypow Underground Industrial Development - Alterra for the City of Edmonton

EPCOR Technologies offered a turnkey solution for the underground industrial development (UID), delivering electrical design, construction and commissioning services for the project. The design included roadway lighting and distribution servicing for the immediate area, connections for future commercial lots and production of as-built drawings. Read the full Pylypow underground industrial development case study.


Streetcar System Substation Upgrade - Fort Edmonton Park

A unique feature of the park is its antique streetcar system, which featured substation electrical equipment with a mercury vapour rectifier. An upgrade was required to preserve the functionality and safety of the system, ensuring adequate power and preventing against rectifier failure. Our design team review revealed additional upgrades to the substation building structure and heating and ventilation system for which EPCOR presented numerous options and helped to coordinate fixes. Read the full substation upgrade case study.


​​Other infrastructure engineering, construction and maintenance solutions we offer in Alberta:

Light rail transit (LRT) and rail utilities

EPCOR Technologies has been involved with Edmonton LRT construction since the City of Edmonton introduced its first line in the 1970s. We support the development, operation and maintenance of LRT and rail utilities including signals, catenary, LRT stations and substations. Learn more about our railway services in Alberta.

Light Rail Transit
& Rail Utilities

Fiber optic solutions

EPCOR Technologies provides  comprehensive communications and telecommunications infrastructure support through our complete fiber optic cabling solutions. Our range of solutions spans from conduit installation to cable installation. We deliver underground or overhead installation solutions that can meet your data and IT systems management needs, including dark fiber leasing.

Fiber Optic Solutions

Intelligent transportation systems and traffic signals

Traffic signals and control systems are part of your transport system infrastructure that includes smart signal technologies. EPCOR Technologies works with municipal and community partners to maintain current systems and to integrate intelligent traffic control systems with traditional infrastructure.

transportation systems


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