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Green Electricity Projects

Taylor Hydro, Alberta

The Taylor Hydro facility is located in southern Alberta, beside the Taylor Coulee Chute near the town of Magrath. Owned and operated by TransAlta through its subsidiary, Canadian Hydro Developers, it's been operating since 2000 with a generating capacity of 13 MW.

How does the plant generate electricity?

Taylor Hydro diverts a portion of the flow from the irrigation canal to its turbine during irrigation season (April to October) and generates 45,000 MWh annually, on average.

How does the plant's power reach me?

The electricity produced in the Taylor Hydro facility is sold to the Power Pool of Alberta, which is then accessed by Alberta consumers like you.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

When you choose Encor green electricity, you're buying Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that are associated with the electricity produced by the Taylor hydro facility. REC’s are renewable energy certificates that represent one megawatt hour (MWh) of energy generated from a clean, renewable source. In our case, this source is hydroelectricity as mentioned above.

As this method of generation creates little to no carbon byproducts in its production of energy, purchasing electricity supported by REC’s helps grow renewable electricity production and other environmental benefits such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These RECs are bundled with the electricity that is delivered to your home by your electricity distribution company, in a quantity that matches the portion of energy you opted to buy.

For instance, if you choose Encor 100% green electricity, you'll buy enough RECs to match 100% of the electricity you buy through your energy plan. Once you buy these RECs, we will retire them on your behalf so that no other consumer can use them.

What is an ECOLOGO certified product?

Encor by EPCOR is ECOLOGO certified, which means that you have assurance and peace of mind in that all of our green electricity plans have reduced environmental impact thanks to an independent, objective review and certification by one of the most trusted ecolabeling programs in the world.

*ECOLOGO Certification applies to REC's only. GHG Offests are audited by a third party on behalf of Encor to ensure retirement of GHG Offsets are completed in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

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