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​Sign up for power or gas and celebrate up to $84 in savings!*

Nobody likes admin fees.

So, as a special thanks to our customers who sign up for power and/or gas by April 8th, we'll give you a credit for 6 months of admin fees. Now that's worth celebrating!

*Sign up for a new power and/or natural gas plan and receive a credit for six months of administration fees after 90 days of service. The total value of this promotion is up to $84 ($42/gas site and $42/power site).

Our recommended energy bundle

You've got plenty of choice when it comes to our energy plans, but here's our recommended bundle. With power rates on the rise this year, lock in to a stable rate that will hold its value in the long run. As well, natural gas rates are as low as they've ever been and have been for quite some time. Locking into a 5 year floating plan for natural gas is "worry-free" because you can switch to fixed at any time.



​Fixed or floating rate

Simply choose a plan that works best for you. Let us take care of all your energy needs, so you can focus on what matters to you.

See how we stack up against the competition*

Fixed power Fixed gas​
Encor by EPCOR ​6.19¢/kWh ​$4.29/GJ
​ENMAX Energy ​6.59¢/kWh ​$4.89/GJ
​Just Energy ​6.69¢/kWh ​$4.19/GJ
​ATCOenergy ​6.19¢/kWh ​$4.19/GJ

*Power and natural gas rates as of February 2018. Pricing based on 2-year plans.

Compare our floating rates over time for our power and natural gas products.

Even more reason to celebrate

As an added perk for becoming an Encor customer, not only will you get 6 months with No Admin Fees, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win an additional year with No Admin Fees! Sign up before April 8, 2018 to be eligible.

As always, our existing customers are eligible for our VIP perks: a chance to be 1 of 100 customers who win 1 year of No Admin Fees!*

Sign up now and save up to $84

*Must be a residential customer to qualify. Read the full contest rules.

Sign up now and save up to $84

Get started

​Carefree and convenient

When you bundle, you'll receive one convenient bill. Plus, you can opt in for automatic payments, go paperless with our eBill service and manage your account online 24/7. 

​We're local.
You're local.

When you call us, you'll speak to an energy expert at our Alberta-based call center who understands what it means to live in a prairie province.

​We'll break up with your current provider.

When you sign up with us, we'll save you the headache of having to cancel services with your current provider by making the switch for you.

​No pressure or penalties. Just a carefree energy plan.

We're here to help you choose the right home energy plan for you. If you change your mind after signing up, you can cancel or switch anytime. Penalty-free.

​Don't take our word for it - here's what our customers have to say.

"It was very easy to sign up. They were very polite and friendly. There are a lot of options and I'm happy with the option I have chosen. It has been a great experience, no concerns whatsoever."

– Rajesh S.

​"My needs are being perfectly well met and am very happy with being an Encor customer.  Everyone is very courteous, polite, informative and willing to help me which is great."

– Lavona C.

​"Moving to Alberta was a stressful experience, but when picking our energy supplier, Encor made it easy to understand and really helped ease our anxiety. The process was very smooth and I'm very happy with the service."

– Valerie B.

Sign up before April 8, 2018 and save up to $84

Get started


What’s the easiest way to switch energy plans?

​With a quick call to our Alberta-based call center, you can switch to a different power or natural gas plan. You can also sign up or switch plans online.

How long does it take to sign up?

​Within 10-15 minutes, you'll be set up and ready to go with Encor by EPCOR services!

What do I need to sign up?

​​Signing up for a carefree home energy plan with Encor has never been easier. Here's what you'll need to sign up online or over the phone with the help of one of our experts:

  • Your contact details, including your email address
  • Your service address
  • Your site identification number (if you know it)
  • Your billing address
What if I don’t have all of my information (e.g. service address, site ID number, etc.)?

​Don't sweat it! Our team can help you through the process by locating that information for you.

How long after signing up does it take to receive services?

​​After signing up, you can expect to receive services within 3 business days.

In a rush? For a small fee, you can receive services the next business day.

Will you match the rates of your competitors?

​We'll do our best to match the rates and promotions offered by our competitors. Call us today at 310-4300 to learn more.

Can I pay my energy bill online?

Yes! Register for free with epost by Canada Post and you'll be able to receive, store and pay your bills all in one place online.

What charges can I expect to see on my monthly bill?

​Your energy charges are only one portion of your total bill. Here's what else you can expect to see on your bill:

  • A $7 per month Administration fee to cover the costs of customer service and billing so we can continue to serve you better.
  • Distribution and Transmission charges (on your gas bill, these will be called Delivery Charges) that help us respond quickly and safely in the event of a power outage, as well as help us maintain power and gas lines.
  • As of January 2017, you'll see a separate line item on your natural gas bill for the carbon levy.
  • When necessary, taxes will be applied to your bill.
What’s the difference between Encor and EPCOR?
​We're both part of the same family and share the same values but here's how we differ:
  • For starters, EPCOR is the parent company and offers the regulated retail offering (RRO) for electricity.
  • Encor by EPCOR is the competitive retailer for EPCOR and offers a variety of products.

Whether you sign up with Encor by EPCOR or the EPCOR RRO, you can rest assured that our carefree home energy plans will take care of all your energy needs.