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It's that time of year again – the time to share the warmth with loved ones and those in need – or enjoy a well-earned bonus for our own enjoyment. This winter bundle your power and gas with Encor by EPCOR. In so doing, you'll have the chance to either give or get a $50 credit. 

Give or get $50

This year, Encor by EPCOR has partnered with Hope Mission to bring much needed support to their clients in need. For a few weeks in November and December, when you bundle your power and gas with Encor, you can choose to give $50 to Hope Mission to help provide supplies and meals through their Rescue Vans OR get $50 off your bill in the New Year.

It's the holiday season so go ahead – sign up and share the warmth!

Share the warmth this winter

When you bundle up your power and natural gas, choose to give $50 as a charitable donation to Hope Mission or keep the $50 as a credit on your bill.

Call 310-4300


When you choose to receive a $50 credit on your bill, it will occur on the following billing cycle after 90 days from signup. 

About Hope Mission's Rescue Vans

​Did you know that, in collaboration with other agencies,​ Hope Mission operates Rescue Vans 24/7 in Edmonton? These Rescue Vans bring essential services to our less fortunate citizens by helping them off the cold streets and getting them inside where it is warm. Their friendly staff and volunteers provide people in need with a warm smile, food, shelter and support all year round. 

Learn more about Hope Mission and the ways you can help.

Visit the Hope Mission website

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