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What's the difference between Encor and EPCOR?

​It seems some people are unclear about the relationship between Encor and EPCOR. Are the two the same company? The answer is simple: yes and no. Yes, we are part of the same family and we do share the same values. We care about you, our customer, and take pride in serving you locally. With over 125 years of history, we have extensive experience, and we strive to provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly electricity, natural gas and water every day.

When you call Encor by EPCOR, the customer service you get is delivered by the EPCOR service team. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, we understand our ever-changing seasons and energy needs, and we're here to help. We'll provide you with plan options to suit your needs, help take care of your energy needs when you move, answer any energy questions you have, and even break up with your previous supplier.

So how do the two differ? For starters, EPCOR is the parent company and offers the regulated retail offering (RRO) for electricity. If you fall within EPCOR's service area and are an RRO customer, your rate is set by the Alberta Utilities Commission and it varies month by month. 

Encor by EPCOR is the competitive retailer for EPCOR and offers a variety of products. For instance, you can choose an energy plan with a fixed rate that doesn't change month-to-month or a floating, variable rate that follows the market. Depending on whether you prefer a plan with staying power or to periodically take advantage of new deals, you can choose from various term lengths and even can change your mind any time without penalty. Because we care about the environment, we also offer you the option to add green energy to your plan. And of course, we bring you promotions and offerings we hope you take advantage of. Unlike EPCOR, Encor also has the ability to complete your energy plan by offering natural gas and the convenience of a bundled utility bill. 

So, whether you sign up with Encor by EPCOR or the EPCOR RRO, you can rest assured that our carefree energy plans will take care of all your energy needs so you can focus on the moments that matter to you.

Live every beautiful moment. 

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Jargon can be confusing. Here's the cliff notes about what we’re really saying when we’re talking floating and fixed rates.

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Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).