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Water that flows into the sewers from the surface (streets, yards) is referred to as stormwater. This includes rain and snow melt, but also excess water from watering your lawn.

In almost all areas of the city, stormwater drains into a separate sewer system that contains stormwater only. Since it is not contaminated to begin with, stormwater does not need to undergo the same treatment process as wastewater. Instead, it is channelled, via the storm sewer system, either directly into the North Saskatchewan River or into a stormwater management lake.

The main purpose of storm sewers is to drain surface water and prevent flooding.

Surface drainage

Make sure that your lot drains effectively and meets drainage standards by checking information about lot grading and on-site stormwater management facilities.


The use of stormwater lakes is regulated and we promote the careful, ecological use of the stormwater sewer system. 

For public safety, any activity that may result in direct contact with water in stormwater lakes is prohibited (this includes wading, swimming, boating, fishing and skating).

Please see Drainage Bylaw 16200, section 22(1) for more information.

Signage is posted at all stormwater facilities advising residents to keep off the water/ice because conditions are unknown.

Due to the nature and the function of stormwater lakes, conditions can be unpredictable and dangerous. Moving water, temperature changes underwater due to vegetation or drainage and fluctuating weather conditions can all result in unsafe conditions not visible from the surface.