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It is the owner/developer responsibility to make a request to EPCOR for the installation of new water and/or sewer services, or modification of existing services at the owner’s expense. We are responsible for the construction of the services from EPCOR mains to the property line only. The owner/developer is responsible for all works on private property. Only EPCOR crews are allowed to perform work within utility right-of-ways and construct services from the mains to the property line.

What you should do

Provide EPCOR with the size and location of the storm, sanitary and/or water services required for the property along with address and legal description of the property.

Weeping tile flows must be discharged to a dedicated storm or foundation drain service where available, or discharged by an alternative method as directed by EPCOR. This includes new developments for single detached, semi-detached or duplex houses where provided and capacity exists.

Read the sewer guidelines.
Read the water and sewer connections guidelines.

If no requirement for a storm or foundation drain service exists, roof leader discharges must be directed on the property away from the foundation and abutting neighbour's property.

Single family and duplex developments adjacent to the river banks or ravines must provide private storm drainage systems unless exempted by geotechnical evaluation that has been approved by EPCOR.

What drainage planning will do

  • Review the availability of service to the various sewer and water mains in the abutting streets or lanes.
  • Review conflicts with other utilities in relation to the property line locations and elevations.

Please note that the minimum sewer elevation available vs. what would be required to service a deep basement is reviewed with the owner.

How the fees are determined

The construction charge is determined based on the fee schedule for sewer services of different sizes and configurations, or a specific estimated cost for non-standard services which involve extra deep services, main/service extensions from non-abutting mains, relocation of other utilities and extra manholes.

The service connection charges must be paid in advance of the construction scheduling. You may pay by cheque payable to “EPCOR” or through Electronic Funds Transfer.

General note

Each half of a semi-detached dwelling must be individually serviced with water and sewer services directly off EPCOR mains.

Water and sewer services within the private property cannot be used to service another separately titled property regardless of who owns the properties.