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​Drainage system design and construction

The City of Edmonton Design and Construction Standards are organized into 8 volumes by discipline. Each volume contains a design section, specifications and drawings as required, plus any other guideline or manual appropriate to that discipline.

The Drainage Service Design Standards​ provide information on how drainage systems in Edmonton are designed and constructed.

Intensity duration frequency

Stormwater Runoff Analysis, found in Volume 3, Section 13.0, contains the Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) curves, which are used to estimate the rate and volume of stormwater runoff. The resulting information is used to size future drainage facilities. The design standards have been updated using IDF curves prepared by EPCOR (with support from the University of Alberta), and reflects the drainage requirements in Edmonton today. It is our intent to revisit the design standards every 5 years when new data becomes available.

This version supersedes the previous published version of IDF curves.

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