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How often are HomeServe mailings sent?
​Mailings are sent approximately every quarter. 
What types of insurance products is HomeServe offering to Albertans?

Albertans could receive information about any of the following products:

  • Interior Electrical Insurance
  • Exterior Water Service Line Insurance
  • Exterior Sewer / Septic Line Insurance
  • Home Heating Insurance
  • Interior Plumbing & Drainage Insurance
  • Interior Gas Line Insurance 
Why is EPCOR’s logo on the envelope?
As part of our agreement with HomeServe, mailings come in an envelope with the EPCOR logo on it and an introductory letter from us. This is because, through this agreement, we are introducing HomeServe to Albertans. This is HomeServe's typical approach for entering a market and they are partnered with 62 utility companies across North America.
Why does EPCOR have an agreement with HomeServe?
We want to educate Albertans about their homeowner responsibilities and that they have options (such as HomeServe) for protecting themselves if an emergency home repair is needed. These types of repairs can be costly, however many homeowners are unaware of what they're responsible for on their property. It's important to know your responsibilities and that you have options. HomeServe is just one option, and we believe it is a reasonable one to introduce to Albertans.
Why is EPCOR partnering with HomeServe specifically?
We have done our due diligence and determined that the HomeServe's emergency home repair insurance is something that Albertans may want to consider. Homeowners must decide for themselves if HomeServe is right for them.
What are homeowners responsible for? Has something changed?
​Many people don't know they're responsible for water or electrical repairs on their property. This is nothing new, and nothing has changed. Homeowners have always been responsible for these types of repairs. However, many are simply not aware. This is common with most municipal utilities. Anything that goes wrong on the homeowner's property – such as a tree root growing into a water or sewer line and plugging it – is the owner's responsibility
Where can homeowners learn more about their homeowner responsibilities?
​Information about homeowner responsibilities was included in our Keeping Current newsletters that customers receive with their monthly bill. Homeowners are also encouraged to learn about responsibilities on private property by reading this information, through our Twitter and Facebook sites, and by speaking with one of our customer service representatives (see the contact information on the right of this page).
How are the mailings done? How is mailing information obtained?
While as part of this agreement the mailings arrive in EPCOR-branded envelopes, HomeServe executes the mailings, not us. Information sent to Albertans is distributed by mass mail outs arranged by HomeServe using publicly available sources from which they create a database. No customer mailing lists are used.
If I’m an EPCOR customer, will HomeServe charges show up on my EPCOR bill?
​No. People who decide to buy these services become HomeServe customers and will receive a separate bill from that company.
Can Albertans choose to stop receiving mailings from HomeServe?
Yes. To be removed from HomeServe's mailing list, Albertans can contact HomeServe directly. Please allow 30 days for your request to be processed by HomeServe and their records to be updated. During that time you may continue to receive mailings.
How can Albertans obtain more information and / or purchase a HomeServe policy?

Learn more about an owner's responsibility for service line repairs,  or visit the HomeServe website.​

Who is HomeServe?
HomeServe is an independent company that manages emergency home repair services and protection solutions for over 2,000,000 North American homeowners. 62 utility companies across North America have chosen HomeServe to be their official provider of emergency home repair services.