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Imagine if your local grocery store advertised a sale: 1 gallon of milk for $1. Bargain, right?

What if you could snag a gallon of wine for a buck? Or that morning latte?

Liquids cost a lot. They're heavy. It costs money to transport them. But would you believe that the most affordable drink available is right there at your tap? It's true.

A gallon of tap water costs you just a penny. That's it.

Think about it — name one thing that costs just a penny. It's hard, isn't it? But a gallon of water might be the most affordable thing out there.

Check your pantry or refrigerator and look at all the liquids. They probably were expensive. And just like all those products you buy, the water that comes from your tap needs to be delivered. It has to meet quality and safety standards. And you expect it to be great.

For just a penny a gallon, your water is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It waters your lawn, washes the soap from your body and fills your dog's dish.

We've told you about the transformation that the water you use makes from a single snowflake to your tap. It's a pretty amazing feat, even more impressive for just a penny a gallon.

Cheers to that!